Do You Have A Moody Teenager?

Teenage wellbeing is built on physical, mental and emotional health. Did you know the digestive system plays a big part in hormone growth?

An increasing number of hormones in the gut are being researched and understood to affect metabolism and appetite. 

The digestive system: ensuring used hormones are promptly excreted and there is the right balance of good bacteria in your teenager’s gut.

It is also important to establish whether your teenagers are properly absorbing nutrients from the food they eat:

  • The liver: ensuring the body has the right vitamins, minerals and other co-factors for optimal detoxification and hormone metabolism;
  • The nervous system: for many, acne flares up during stressful periods (such as exams);
  • The endocrine system: this is the system responsible for manufacturing hormones;
  • Proteins, fats and other nutrients are required for proper hormone development.

The good news is that nourishing your teenager’s body with clean, whole foods is an effective way to get the hormones in balance. Nature provides its own dispensary of nutrients that ensure the systems mentioned above are operating effectively. Nuferm have the right products for your teenager’s hormonal needs.

Organic Woman
Getting your gut in balance is key to balancing pretty much everything in your body, and a woman’s monthly cycle is no exception. The digestive system plays a role in how estrogen is metabolised, which greatly affects menstruation.

Women need to keep everything in tip-top shape and avoid the digestive upset that might be experienced during this time. Our Organic Woman probiotic blend is designed to meet the nutritional needs of women of all ages, with an ingredient list high in iodine to support the thyroid.

Magnesium Plus
We want to share with you some of the amazing ways that magnesium supports your hormone balance and overall health! This mineral stabilises your blood sugar and nurtures your adrenals. It also helps ease those cramps and relax the mind!

Do you know why women crave chocolate during their monthly cycle?
Because the body is craving magnesium! Dark chocolate (80% cocoa) has more magnesium than any other food.

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