I AM WOMAN – Part 1

Throughout the life of a Woman, nutritional needs and requirements often change to suit each phase of womanhood, from a girls first period, Motherhood & right on through to Menopause.

Supporting healthy hormone development and distribution throughout our womanly temples is a top priority when it comes to leading a healthy and happy life.

To celebrate and honor being woman we will be welcoming our I AM WOMAN series! Taking a look at the nutritional differences through the stages, and ages of womanhood. Women typically need additional support when it comes to our developing bodies and reproductive processes.

Puberty Blues

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As puberty makes an appearance, young girls bodies begin to grow and show changes as they transform into adolescence, although our bodies change throughout our life, one of the most dramatic periods of change occur in these early years. Not only are our young women often overwhelmed with the changes occurring within their bodies, there is also a great degree of emotional and psychological stress experienced. Not knowing what to expect or when, can leave a feeling of crisis and panic, for both parent and adolescent. It is important for our young women to know and understand what is happening to their body and how to handle these changes.

Young girls can begin to experience the onset of puberty from as early as 10 years old (even earlier in some cases), typically starting with minor physical changes to the body.

  • Nipple Buds appear and begin to grow slowly, building up a store of fatty tissue as the breasts begin to develop. It is normal for breasts to be slightly mismatched in shape and size, even when fully developed.
  • Pubic and Underarm hair begins to sprout and continues to grow, the hips also begin to widen.
  • Skin irritations and breakouts can also begin to show as your body works through all of these changes.
  • Hormonal changes and mood swings, is this the beginning of the end.
  • Menarche marking the official crossover from childhood into womanhood, the first menstrual cycle.

Stay Tuned for PART 2 of our I AM WOMAN Series where we will discuss Menarche Anarchy!

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