The Digestive Journey Part 1

Your body needs to absorb water and nutrients and let go of waste.  What happens along this path effects your ability to perceive, respond and relate in this life.
We will discuss this path from your mouth to the south. What you can do to help or hinder this process.
We will also discuss the diverse range of microbiome communities in you that all work together like the perfect community to extract nutrients, strengthen your immunity and discard waste from your body.


The Mouth


What difference do Probiotics Make?

First stage:

Your mouth should be typically pH 6.8; but can be home to many destructive bacteria, tooth decay, or inflamed gums.  Alot of disease starts in your mouth, as you take your daily Probiotics your mouth bacteria are brought back to a more sustaining level . You should notice fresher breath and better dental health,  whilst simultaneously activating the stomach to prepare for stage 2.

Second stage:

Activates the release of hydrochloric acids into the stomach, this change in pH stimulates the bacteria in the probiotics to multiply, form colonies and ” go to work “,   typically pH 1.3; Your Probiotics have been bred to sustain 12% Alcohol, Freezing and % 55 Degrees heat, so they can survive your harsh stomach acid. This assists further break down of the food particles into even smaller bio-absorbable particles, chyme, and to prepare for the passage through the intestines. Stomach acid is very important in the digestive process, constant snacking and drinking with meals has shown to not be beneficial in accumulating strong stomach acid needed for digestion. Here another pH level shift typically occurs from pH 5.5-7.0; the nutrients are then absorbed through the intestinal walls, with any remains becoming fecal matter or waste, to later be expelled through the south (of the colon) exit.

When the digestive system is inflamed we have seen illness through proteins entering the blood stream instead of being properly digested: ‘Autoimmune illnesses’

Alkaline Stealing:

If you eat too much acidic and too little alkaline food, your body will steal alkaline substances from its own tissue to neutralise the excess acid, for example, potassium, calcium and magnesium, are three powerful alkalis. If you consume too much acid, your body must leech potassium, calcium and magnesium from else where (i.e bones and tissue) to attempt to raise its pH back up to the ideal 7.2/7.4 pH range. Symptoms of indigestion and gastric reflux can be a result of an acidic lifestyle.
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Dry Mouth :

The absence of saliva disrupts this process, being linked with ‘dry mouth’ side effects reported from the use of antibiotics or some medications, creating an ecological shift in the microbiome. The Salivary and Parotid glands make the digestive juice Saliva, which contains an enzyme to begin breaking down the starch particles, and also moistens the food so it can pass freely through the pharynx, oesophagus and then onto the stomach.After each meal, the mouth maintains an increased acidic pH level, to encourage the prevention of dental caries it is best to avoid snacking in between meals, as this will allow the pH to adjust to a slightly more alkaline state.

The Oral Microbiome

A complex and hardy ecosystem of over 700 different species of microbes, residing in the surfaces of the teeth, gingival crevices and biofilm. Nuferm believes a healthy microbiome is crucial to dental health.
It is the first line of defence protecting the gut microbiome from harmful bacteria and a healthy oral microbiome can assist with the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. With the continued over-use of antibiotics, there is a noticeable rise in antibiotic resistance and antibiotic induced health struggles, (i.e C.Diff)

Antibiotics kill microbes indiscriminately, and have been known to be over-used, Silver Colloid is a great alternative without the side effects. Nuferm believes : Lowering your protective oral bacterial good guys can increase risks of having a predisposed oral cavity to inflammation, infection, tooth decay and abscesses.

Foods rich in ferments and Organic probiotics become essential in maintaining a healthy oral microbiome, supporting healthy digestive function. Oral flora seeds the Gut flora which inevitably shapes the immune system, when the oral microbiome are balanced the microbes maintain a pH environment that repels and creates an inhabitable atmosphere for fungi or yeast growth and colonization.

Peristalsis-Whats that ?

The Peristalsis process moves your chyme (Chewed food bits)  through the bowel, ( Long tube that carries food through you) Nuferm believes overuse of laxatives can impair this natural body response, as constipation can be the first signs of illness.  Stress or flight and fight shuts down this digestive process too, being aware of your lifestyle habits can greatly effect the rate and amount that you chew and how many poops you do a day. ( A great amount of poops would be in proportion to your eating ,  at least 2 a day)

In Summary 

  • Oral health it really matters systemically. Your mouth is an indicator of how well you really are.
  • Chew lots don’t just swallow.
  • Snacking reduces stomach acid for proper digestion
  • Drinking lots before or with meals is not helpful
  • Overuse of Laxatives or Antibiotics is not a long term solution.
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STAY TUNED For Part 2 of our Digestive Journey Series!

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