The Digestive Journey Part 2

Your body needs to absorb water and nutrients and let go of waste.  What happens along this path effects your ability to perceive, respond and relate in this life. We will discuss this path from your mouth to the south. What you can do to help or hinder this process. We will also discuss the diverse range of microbiome communities in you that all work together like the perfect community to extract nutrients, strengthen your immunity and discard waste from your body.

The Stomach

The GUTS of the whole operation! Our bodies need a sufficient supply of digestive enzymes in order to break down food efficiently and effectively.
Our bodies are home to over 3 trillion different bacteria, many of them beneficial to our health.

Bacteria in our GI tract known as our gut flora or microbiome fortify our defenses against bacteria and yeast whilst maintain digestion and breaking down sugars, fats, and carbohydrates by releasing digestive enzymes  (acetic, butyric and lactic acids) Our ideal digestive pH is between 6.7 & 6.9.

Diet and lifestyle factors can cause inflammation and de-hydration in the gut which inhibit absorption.

How do our Probiotics help & Aid Digestion in the Stomach?

We believe health is our birthright, and that foods should not just be nourishing, but should supply the nutrients, vitamins and the goodness they were designed for. This can only happen if the foods we eat are uncontaminated, unprocessed and are in a state we can absorb. Only nature has the real formulas for creating health.

Our Probiotic Foods are made up of organic foods which are fed to a mother culture of good bacteria (probiotics) the food is then broken down, releasing the vitamins, minerals and amino acids for easier absorption, essential for good health and aid in body repair at the cellular level.

The good bacteria are lying dormant in the powder. They stay this way until the pH changes when you consume. They then multiply in the millions to assist in colonising the gut with essential probiotics.
Taking your probiotics in the morning prepares your body for the day ahead digestion and at night and can help to repair and detox your body while you sleep.

What you don’t know!!

You may not have already known this but…. Your probiotics are beneficial in so many ways:

  • Food poisoning – to balance harmful bacteria.
  • Reflux – to balance out acidic bacteria
  • Ulcers – We believe this is also a bacterial imbalance.
  • Farting/Bloating – We also believe this is a bacterial imbalance and probiotics help to bring back the correct balance.
  • Breastfeeding – The little ones need good bacteria and nutrition through mum’s breast milk. Mum you also need it to!
  • C- Section Birth – When bubs isn’t born through the birth canal they can miss out on vital life bacteria. Research shows this drops down into the cervix during labor to cover the baby for protection. The state of mum’s bacteria is passed on to bubs. We believe the probiotic foods fill the gap to replenish missed bacteria.
  • Candida – We believe the probiotic foods take away the sugar cravings to prevent over growth of candida as it is a bacterial imbalance.
  • Inflammation – Caused by bacterial imbalance from acidity, can be reduced through the presence of good gut bacteria found in the probiotic foods (with consistent use).
  • Re-wire the brain – Your stomach is your second brain.. It thinks and send messages to your brain.  It influences what your brain thinks. We have seen rewiring of brain thought patterns from customers that have taken the foods. Sugar cravings go away and better food choices are easily made. (ref. Switch on your brain. Dr. Caroline Leaf)

What may be compromising your ‘Good Gut Bacteria’?


When the gut becomes compromised we lose the ability to extract the precious nutrients from the food we eat.
Our ‘good gut bacteria’ is being killed daily by:

  • Chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride – Tap water, cosmetics, fly sprays, air fresheners, deodorants.
  • Toxic and processed foods – Cheap fast food chains, pesticides, artificial colours/flavours. Alcohol and cigarettes.
  • GMO – Genetically Modified Organism. DNA alterations.
  • Pesticides and herbicides – Sprayed fruit and vegetables.
  • Medications –  eg. antibiotics, birth control pills and anti-inflammatories
  • Pollution – Aerial spraying, car pollution, industrial pollution.
  • Stress – 1 minute of anger weakens the immune system for 5 hours. 1  minute of laughter strengthens the immune system for 24 hours (ref. Gut Man)
  • No.2’s – Even when you do a poo you pass some good bacteria.
  • Kidney infections/UTI’s – We believe when the overgrowth of ‘bad’ bacteria gets too high this growth can travel up the urethra and can effect the kidneys.

Nuferm’s Mother Culture

The Complete Lactobacillus Family:

Acidophillus – Increase immune function to balance pathogenic Bacteria.
Delbruekii – Enchances (immunoglobulin) antibodies in the blood.
Caseii – Immune enchancing. Easers the flow of food through our gut
Bulgaricus – Natural antioxidant, tumor necrosis factor, fat metaboliser. Tough enough to withstand the acidic juices of the stomach. Produces its on antibiotics, lives in harmony with other bacterium.
Causasicus – Long life bacteria, the friendly bacteria.
Fermenti – Friendly mucosa bacteria, assists all the linings of the body, decreases harmful bacteria.
Plantarum – Prevents harmful bacteria from attaching to the wall of the intestine, eliminates harmful pathogens and gives the ‘wake up’ factor for those on the autistic scale. Anti-viral, eliminates toxins.
Brevis – Assists leaky gut syndrome, aids the elimination of ulcer causing bacterium.
Heleveticus – Supports bone density, increases calcium absorption, stress reducing bacterium, assists blood pressure balancing.
Leichmannii – Important to the function of metabolism.
Lactis – Helps regulate bowel motility, assists IBS.
Bifidus – Assists bone health and the synthesis of Vitamin B & Vitamin K.
Saccharomyces boulardii –  Aids in the treatment and prevention of diarrhea.
Saccharomyces cerevisiae –  Aids in preventing recurring intestinal disease caused by a bacterium called clostridium difficile.

It is important that the complete family is present.  Many products for example; Yoghurt only have acidophillus present.  Most people do not realize this family works in harmony only if the complete family is present. 

STAY TUNED For Part 3 of our Digestive Journey Series!

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