Probiotic Solutions Bathroom Bliss Blend 3.


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Bathroom Bliss eats up soap scum, grime and mould

Utilising the latest probiotic technology,  its a machine in the loo. The best part is its non toxic, irritant free and smells divine- so take back your bathroom!

Blend 3 Bliss – Find your happy place with this intoxicating blend of Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon and Cyprus.


How does it work?

Our products are probiotic formulations made with naturally occurring, beneficial, non-GMO microorganisms

The liquid formulations contain bio-chemicals such as antioxidants, bacteriocins, vitamins and other beneficial compounds

The bio-chemicals present deliver instant cleaning and odour control; the probiotic microbes deliver long term cleanliness and regeneration of the environment.




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