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Get Your Health Back Series

Welcome to Don Chisholm’s Get Your Health Back video series, presenting real-life stories from seriously ill people. For years I have collected facts and information on the many ways we can get back to being as healthy as we should be, not as healthy as we often feel we are. What do I mean by this? Many of us think we are healthy, but in truth we are a long way from being at the peak of health that we could be.

An Introduction To Our Series

Every one has a health condition or symptom they would prefer not to have. Wouldn’t it be nice to know there are simple ways to overcome most health conditions?

Episode 1 : Reversing Heart Disease with Peter Dingle Ph.D

Heart disease is the leading cause of death and a major cause of suffering, statics show that within Australia, a person is dying from heart disease every 10 minutes. Peter shares his simple view on heart disease and what you can do to potentially reverse this condition.

Find out more in Peter’s book, Reversing Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and Blocked Arteries Without Drugs. You can read more on Peter Dingle Ph.D at

Episode 2 : Magnesium with Sandy Sanderson

How important is magnesium as a beauty product?

Sandy Sanderson, creator of the Elektra Magnesium product range shares the importance of magnesium as a beauty product.

Beauty comes from the inside out, and magnesium plays an integral role in may body systems., from providing the bio-electricity for energy to collagen structures for bones, hair, skin and nails.

Episode 3 : World Health Decline with Colleen Cheketri

With our technology and modern diet, humanity is in the worst state of health in history. New diseases are discovered frequently. What are the causes of such chronic degenerative diseases? And how do we fix it?

I discuss this with traditional naturopath Colleen Cheketri, who has been practising natural medicine for over 22 years. Colleen’s experience in working with people with such diseases begins with food and lifestyle management—like I’ve often said, good health begins in the gut.

Think this information could be valuable to the people you love?

Episode 4 : What Are We Really Eating with Simone Sleep

As many of you know, I wrote a book based around we are not what we eat, we are what we absorb. We are eating a lot of foods these days that are easily absorbed, however, are they the correct foods for us?

This week we hear from Simon Sleep, expert on this topic, registered Naturopath and Biomedical Science major.

Have a think about your diet, could over consumption of fruit or carbohydrates be impacting your health?

Episode 5 : My Autistic Child, with Chelsea Heaton

Today I’m speaking with Chelsea Heaton, who’s son was autistic—and now lives a normal life.

Chelsea shares with us what her life was like when Mitchell was diagnosed, why the doctors didn’t believe her and her daily struggles of being a parent of an autistic child.

Can nutrition help autism?

Episode 6 : The Great Cholesterol Deception with Dr Peter Dingle

In this episode of Don’s ‘Get Your Health Back’ series, I was fortunate to speak with Dr Peter Dingle again (you will remember Peter from episode 1). We discuss the great cholesterol deception, which is the title of another one of his fascinating books.

In Dr Peter’s words, he feels cholesterol is the biggest medical myth we have ever created … Your cholesterol changes, but that’s not the problem. It is part of our immune system, we need it, and Dr Peter explains why.

A fascinating insight … if you are concerned about cholesterol, you can find more information in Dr Peter’s book, ‘The Great Cholesterol Deception’.

Episode 7 : ‘How I overcame Crohn’s’ with Madison Wright

World IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) Day was marked to raise awareness for the five million people who live with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis worldwide, with 1 in 250 Australians affected. 

So in this episode of Get Your Health Back, I spoke with Madison Wright, who at the age of 12 was diagnosed with arthritis and the age of 14 diagnosed with Crohn’s.

Now at 20 years old now, Madison is passionate about sharing her story of how she overcame both of these conditions and now lives happy, healthy life.

Episode 8 : Building Biologist Gerard Bini

Does your house support your health? Could radiation (a negative health imprint) be affecting your environment and YOU?

This is the topic of conversation for this week’s Get Your Health Back episode, with Building Biologist Gerard Bini. Gerard shares a brief insight into the work he does and the benefits it may have for your health.

A key point mentioned is that even with a perfect diet, radiation in your environment could be affecting your body. One way to see if you are being affected by radiation is by a hair strand analysis screening. Find more information on a hair strand analysis screening from

Episode 9 : Water with Bernie Duffy

I find the discussion around water and health fascinating, and to me, it’s the most important one. That’s what today’s Get Your Health Back episode is about. I’m speaking with Bernie Duffy from PHperfect, who created a magical water system to make ‘live’ water.

Tank water versus town water, H3O2 compared to H2O, how our body converts water … we cover a few topics and Bernie briefly shares his knowledge, and the explanation is just fascinating!

Episode 10 : Periodontal Disease with Simone Sleep

This week I invited Naturopath Simone Sleep back for another episode of my Get Your Health Back series, to talk about Periodontal Disease.

Periodontal Disease is common, and often starts as red, swollen or bleeding gums. What is happening inside your mouth can have become detrimental to your health. Simone shares the connection between the food you eat and the effect it can have inside your mouth.

As Simone said, back in the old days your doctor would check your mouth for signs first, but that is not being done today.

Episode 11 : A Glimpse into the Afterlife with Barry Eaton

Does Hell exist? I started this week’s Get Your Health Back discussion with psychic intuitive Barry Eaton on a light note, but we cover some series aspects of our life contract.

Author of best-seller Afterlife and No Goodbyes, Barry offers a brief insight into the many levels of the afterlife, destiny and suicide.

Episode 12 : Water from Lead Pipes with Ian Blair Hamilton

There is a serious and scary situation happening in many towns and cities all over the US. Poorer towns have been forced to revert back to old reticulation systems—using lead pipes. Remember what happened to the Romans when they drank out of lead cups? Enough children and adults have died or become ill now for the nation to take notice, but the replacement cost is in the trillions.

It doesn’t matter where you get you water from. Water systems everywhere are balanced with chemicals upon chemicals to get levels to ‘acceptable’. If you are concerned about the water you’re drinking, a hair test is a valuable tool to find out if its negatively affecting your health.

Episode 13 : Radioactive Sugar with Dan Saint George

 I’ve brought in Dan Saint George to continue an intriguing conversation I had with him a few days earlier. 

I’m always curious to know how doctors locate the size and location of cancer in the body. They do this with a PET (Position Emission Tomography) scan, but it’s what they inject that is most concerning.

Makes you wonder about the food served in our hospitals, and reminds me of the quote you may have seen around the internet by Nutritionist Heather Morgan: “Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it.”

Episode 14 : Colon Hydrotherapy with Sue Wilson

This week in Get Your Health Back, I’ve invited Sue Wilson, Colon Hydrotherapist and a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Sue shares her knowledge on this subject, covering the difference between colonic hydrotherapy and enemas, the role they play in removing toxins and built up waste and how your emotions such as stress can affect your colon health.

Cleansing out the bowel and liver can improve you health to a level you may not have thought possible. If you would like to find out more visit

Episode 15 : Breast Cancer with Nicola Price

Why would any woman have her breast removed if it could be prevented? Nicola Price, Certified IACT practitioner from Gold Coast Thermal imaging discusses: why the breast cancer gene is not always a reason to have breasts removed. Could it be more environmental than our genes that is driving the reason behind why breast cancer diagnoses are on the increase?

If 98% of who we are is our environment, are you creating or preventing illness with your diet, lifestyle, personal actions? It’s a confronting question, but one that is hard to ignore.

For more information visit:

Episode 16 : Vitamins with Simone Sleep

Spring is here and it’s a great time to embrace the proverbial spring clean to your health. But that doesn’t mean to race to the pharmacy and double dose on all the supplements you can get your hands on.

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