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The toxic dozen

What are the real benefits of buying Organic? Certified Organic means they are not only Pesticide free they are also not Genetically Modified. Pesticides are known to cause cancer Genetically modified crops are designed to kills insects by destroying their gut when they eat the crop, so when we eat the genetically modified foods you […]

6 simple ways to get a better night’s sleep in 2020.

Disease and lack of sleep are closely related! All conditions at some stage can be related to lack of repair time, so it’s important to take note of what is required for a good night’s sleep. Sleep is essential for health, because, it is when our body restores itself. The trouble is not getting enough […]

In the quiet moments..

In the quiet moments what is your inner voice saying to you? Our inner self critic can be damaging, harsh, cruel and unforgiving at times. It is this version of your self critic that can fill your mind with negative self talk and before you know it you are filled to your max and drowning […]

What secrets is your hair hiding?

Your hair stores secret underlying information about your well being. So are you brave enough to discover  your own hairy secrets with our hair mapping service? Only 8% of our health in  historically gene related, 47% is environmental and 45% is related to diet and emotions so it’s our environment that is the leading cause […]

Probiotics & pregnancy

The basis of all life is bacteria. Nothing lives without it and nothing will survive if it doesn’t have a full complement of essential bacteria. If we were preparing a recipe and needed to decide what to put in to produce a healthy baby, we would have to say bacteria. Bacteria play a vital role […]

The importance of maintaining a healthy Gut

Most people have poor gut health due to a variety of lifestyle and environmental factors such as poor diet, toxic exposure, stress and antibiotics. Now more than ever, research is recognising the importance of gut friendly bacteria. Probiotics play an important part in keeping the body healthy. Ongoing  medical studies are now finding that majority […]

Why do we need probiotics?

If we lived in the wild and picked our food fresh from the ground, consumed fresh meat(if you eat meat), drank pure clean water and had a pollution and stress free life, we wouldn’t need to top up our good bacteria every day. But daily we compromise our good bacteria, killing it off with: Chemicals, […]

Sugar fatigue

Easter can be a dangerous time! Without knowing it we can come out of the Easter break even more tired and fatigued than before the break. Want to make this Easter the best of all time? The best way to approach the coming days of freedom is to understand why we often feel more exhausted […]