6 simple ways to get a better night’s sleep in 2020.

Disease and lack of sleep are closely related!

All conditions at some stage can be related to lack of repair time, so it’s important to take note of what is required for a good night’s sleep. Sleep is essential for health, because, it is when our body restores itself. The trouble is not getting enough sleep will eventually have serious affects on your health. Go over the check list to see what you can do to improve your own sleep.

Even the simplest of changes can do wonders for our bodies ability to get a restful, deep, peaceful night’s sleep that leaves us feeling refreshed and energised the next morning.

Let’s break it down …

Power Down the Gadgets
Give up the social media checks in bed! Studies show that those who check their social media before bed were 1.5 times more likely to have a disturbed sleep [Pew Research Centre].

See how you feel after 30 days! Switch off the household technology at night like tvs (at the wall) computers, mobiles and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi affects sleep!

Hog the Bed
Studies show that those that sleep with their pets and children in the bed experience sleep disruption every night. So hog the bed!

Create a peaceful space around you. Keep the bedroom your sleep sanctuary not your office, tv room or games room.

Move More
Yoga each day has been known to help improve quality of sleep. Even just a few simple stretches before you jump into bed can make all the difference.

Sleeping Herbs
A good way to get started because sleep deprivation, insomnia and brain fog affects many of us. Here is a product that may assist you in a better nights sleep. Probiotic Foods Sleeping Herbs contains specially selected herbs (valerian root powder, mother wort powder, dill seed, thyme leaf and honey) that have been fed to our super culture of probiotics which break down the herbs over a 3 week fermentation process.

The power of fermenting bacteria magnifies the healing properties of valerian (valerian root powder is know for it’s ability to calm the central nervous system) and other herbs leaving you to feel calmer and more focused when it comes to bed time allowing your body to relieve you of those stresses and relax into a deep peaceful sleep.

Sleep well tonight!

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