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Finding the Primary Cause

Wouldn’t it be great to know the primary reason why some people are healthy and others are not?

 After years of searching why some people can heal whilst others cannot, we found the answer being as simple as time and environment having effects on our bodies. From years of analysing results from Hair Screening tests, it is obvious every single person has a different reason for not having optimal health.

Even in the same family, on the same diet, family members can have different reasons and some surprising ones are found in the foods we eat. Your favourite foods could be the reason your health is poor, even if your diet is organic. For example, avocado and lettuce are regarded as healthy foods, but to some, it is best left alone. Everyone is different.

Other factors include such items as mould, yeast, funguses, heavy metal poisoning and parasites, or too much exposure to radiation, any of these could be preventing you from being able to obtain good health or weight loss. Any of these can put the immune system under stress, having to work overtime to keep you free from disease. However, once the primary reason is identified, you can then work with a customised wellness plan to remove or re-balance out that cause.

Our bodies receive negative effects from a variety of foods we eat and the environment we live in. It’s called the 21st century from the results of the hair screenings, we are finding that every single person has some foods that affect only them. From this we know there is no one diet that is good for everyone. We also find that in the same family, different members are exposed to different environmental toxins. Hair Screening exposes the differences.

We now use the latest hair screening technology to identify the primary reason why optimal health is not being achieved. It also comes with a 12 page report of your cellular profile. It does not diagnose, it simply points out the areas that need attention. A practitioner can then concentrate on the reasons that need addressing. It saves time, inconvenience, money, and best of all, puts you in a position to improve your own personal health.

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