Drinking water for hydration


Water is the lynch pin. This is the liquid that will wash out the rubbish and replenish the cells. But let’s not confuse hydration with just drinking lots of water.

Many people drink abundant amounts of water, yet they are not hydrated. Drinking water does not necessarily mean you will be hydrated. Similarly to eating good food does not necessarily mean the cells are getting their nutrients either. One has to drink water of quality—water is a living thing and can be destroyed, just as food can be destroyed and contaminated with chemicals and preservatives.

These days our water is contaminated by chlorine, numerous other cleaning agents such as aluminium, and in many places around the world, fluoride. All of these chemicals destroy the value of our water, with detrimental effects.

To gain the hydrating value of water we must first remove the chemicals with a process that enhances the value of water. Water is energy, and it supplies us with the life saving energy we cannot live long without. A good water filter should mimic nature, and take out as much chlorine and fluoride as possible.

When we add tea or coffee to water, it has the reverse effect and water no longer becomes a hydrator. In fact, after every tea, coffee or alcoholic drink, it is a good idea to have a couple of glasses of water to balance the effects they have on us.

For more energy we need to replenish our organs with good quality water. Some organs are more than 80% water. For increased energy and healthier organ activity hydrate with good clean water that is free from any additive. Your body and organs will repay you with all the energy you need.


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