Love yourself today.

This Valentine’s Day don’t forget about you, love yourself a little extra today.

The power of laughter, positive self-talk, making time for you and practicing self-care can positively impact your health and life and it is something we all need to prioritise more!

Self-love creates an environment of freedom and good health! By finding ways to practice self-love we put our body into a state of safety and relaxation—both of which are important for healing and repair; physically and mentally.

The power of laughter!
Laughter is a powerful tool for your health and wellbeing. When we laugh our diaphragm becomes a pump for our lymphatic system. Unlike your heart that pumps blood through your body our lymphatic system requires manual stimulation. Our lymphatic system is responsible for moving fluid throughout your body to cleanse and remove any unwanted waste products along with dead cells and other microorganisms. Poor lymphatic drainage can lead to fluid retention, swelling in the ankles, allergies and more!

Have you laughed today?

Have a healthy relationship with yourself!
By stopping to do something we love we are “checking in on ourselves” and asking ourselves how we really feel like, are we living life to our fullest potential? By taking a moment to reflect with ourselves and taking a moment to find the stillness in this busy world helps us to develop a good relationship with our self and be the best version of that for our loved ones.

Remove the limitations!
Limitations that are within your control are self imposed, the lies we tell ourselves as to why we can’t do something, this boundary, that is set upon yourself can be holding you back. By checking in with ourselves through some serious self-reflection we can train ourselves to remove this limitation and find a vision to move forward. Subconscious limitations may even be the lifestyle you are living or the people you surround yourself with. Remember limitations are weaker than hard work, perseverance and faith. Surround yourself with those that lift you up and encourage you to reach your goals.

Meditate or listen to a podcast!
Meditation may not be everyone’s cup of tea but have you thought about taking time out to listen to a podcast? Find a podcast that is good for the soul. There are some amazing self-care podcasts out there that cover anything from positive self-image, how to live a fuller life and just learning to be kind to both your mind and body.

Why not even take your podcast out for an afternoon walk with you!

Here are a few podcasts worth the listen:

  • Happy Place
  • Radio 1’s Life Hacks
  • The Mindful Podcast
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