Wanna “avo” smoothie?

Most of you would know how much us here at Nuferm HQ love a smoothie! They are our favourite way to incorporate our Probiotic Foods into our daily routine.

Yes it may just be another green smoothie but to us each smoothie is made with love! Not to mention we love getting creative, trying new flavours with fresh seasonal produce. After all no one knows better you better than you! Enjoy the process and get creative.

Good nutrition and vital life giving bacteria are an essential part of good health but whilst eating a diet full of vegetable and fruits keeps our ‘good bacteria’ fuelled there are certain daily environmental impacts that can effect our health and in particular our “good bacteria” that we can’t necessarily control; pollution, chemicals, pesticides, emotions and stress.

By replenishing our guts each day with a good quality probiotic we are not only re fuelling our micro biome but receiving dense power packed nutrition at the same time!

Our range of Probiotic Foods contain specially selected whole foods all broken down by our ‘super culture’ of Organic Bacteria to release the precious vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a format that are easy for the body to absorb. Good nutrition and bacteria are essential for good health and aiding body repair at a cellular level.

This is why we love smoothies so much! Not only do they taste super delicious on a hot summers day, post workout or as a breakfast ritual they feed our guts with the “good stuff”. Why not try our new fav!

Gutsy Avo Colada!
1 x Avocado
1 x Small handful of Kale
1/4 Cup Coconut Milk
Coconut Water or Filtered Water
Fresh Mint Sprigs (to taste)
Nuferm Probiotics (your ‘go to’ blend)

Simply Blend, serve, sip, enjoy!

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