Me & My Pet Bundle


Me & My Pet Bundle!

Spoil you and your best bud with happy, healthy bellies!

1 x Probiotic Foods for pets 150g
1 x 2012 Capsules 200c
2 x Mould Aroma Gel 75g

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1 x Probiotic Foods for pets 150g: Organic pet nutrition. Providing your pets with a daily balance of nutrients in an absorbable form. Our Probiotic Foods for PETS blend assists your pet with various health problems and allergies.

1 x 2012 Capsules 200c: Our Certified Organic Blend of 18 specially selected easily absorbed, fermented wholefoods with probiotics and prebiotics, helping replace good bacteria not found in processed foods.. Conveniently capsulated for busy lives and travelling.

2 x Mould Aroma Gel 75g: Kills over 98% of airborne mould and fungal spores. Ideal for workspaces where other people, children or animals may be continually introducing bacteria as well as wet areas that do not get to dry properly are havens for mildew and mould.