Morning Rituals Bundle


Morning Rituals Bundle! 
The perfect combo for your morning green drink! Start your day off with this bundle of goodness!

1 x 2012 Blend 150g
1 x Green Barley Grass 200g
1 x Mineral Drink 200ml



1 x 2012 Blend 150g: Our Certified Organic Blend of 18 specially selected easily absorbed, fermented wholefoods with probiotics and prebiotics, helping replace good bacteria not found in processed foods.

1 x Green Barley Grass 200g: THE MOST COMPLETE FOOD for humans on the planet – full of natural state vitamins, minerals, enzymes & amino acids. It’s easier for your body to recognize and use nutrients in the food state.

1 x Mineral Drink 200ml: Organic Plant derived colloidal minerals sources from ancient shale beds combined with volcanic cinders and humate.