Sleep Tight Bundle


Sleep Sweet with our Sleep Tight Bundle! 

Probiotic Foods Sleeping Herbs to assist relaxing, magnesium plus+ to settle restless legs and the mind, mould aroma gel to sanitise the air for a clean night sleep.

1 x Probiotic Foods Sleeping Herbs 75g
1x Magnesium Plus 150g
1 x Mould Aroma Gel 75g

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1 x Probiotic Foods Sleeping Herbs 75g: One hundred year old Russian herbal formula for sleep, fermented with our super-culture of bacteria. Ingredients used in this special blend are known to assist with insomnia, mood and anxiety.

1 x Magnesium Plus 150g: Magnesium Plus minerals & vitamins provides high quality 301mg of elemental magnesium per serve.  It also features the amino acids carnitine, glutamine & taurine with malic acid, B vitamins and other supportive nutrients. Magnesium supports energy production & neuromuscular health.  It is an important mineral for the formation & maintenance of healthy bones & muscles & is required for healthy metabolism.

1 x Mould Aroma Gel 75g: Kills over 98% of airborne mould and fungal spores. Ideal for workspaces where other people, children or animals may be continually introducing bacteria as well as wet areas that do not get to dry properly are havens for mildew and mould.