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We used to obtain silver and other minerals in our bodies through the natural food we ate that came directly from organic soil. This soil was rich in living organisms. The organisms used to break down the soil so that plants were providing minerals in a form assimilable to the plant and to us.

Hence, we used to get silver naturally from the minerals present in organically grown plants. Now we eat vegetables that have been grown on chemical fertilisers, (95% of them are without living organisms taken from the soil) we do not get the quantity or quality of natural vitamins and minerals that where once available in naturally grown foods.


As we age our ability to assimilate minerals becomes limited, we develop a silver deficiency and an impaired immune system that can lead to many diseases including cancer. Research has shown that people who had low levels of silver are frequently sick, have innumerable colds, flu, fevers and other health problems. It has been clinically proven a silver deficiency is the reason for improper functioning of the immune system, and that silver works without any side effects or damage to the cells of the body, stimulating major growth of injured tissues.



TESTING YOUR SILVER. DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE, YET! To find out what you might be buying, do the following test in the Health food Shop before your purchase: Read the label, if is states that it is activated in De-ionised water, the Colloidal Silver is NOT in suspension. Once ionic particles have been removed de-ionised water does not conduct sufficient electricity to keep Colloidal Silver in true suspension for any length of time and will eventually settle, you will observe as sediment. If you have a hand laser pointer, (this is a tool that is used as a pointer at lectures). Place the laser on the side of the bottle from the top and point it downwards, switch it on, you should see a red beam that has a very fine shimmer, the shimmer is the micron silver moving in electric suspension. Next pick the bottle up slowly by the top, very slowly turn the bottle on its side while holding it up to the light, as you do this look at the liquid inside the bottle of the bottom, if you see any movement of what I call ‘dross’, these are particles or lumps at the bottom. The Colloidal Silver has settled. THIS IS UNSAFE it is not safe to put into eyes. Next, shake the bottle, shine the laser beam through the bottle once again, the same as before. If you see silver ‘flashes’ it means that it has coarse silver, micron silver is not seen by the naked eye, only under a spectron microscope or when a laser beam is passed through it. Sometimes strong colour is imparted either by the presence of impurities and contaminants created as a by-product of inferior manufacturing techniques or colouring of the suspension base. The above is a chart of the dosage I took directly under the tongue to return to good health .



DAY                               MORNING                                       NIGHT

1ST                               1 DROPPER  FULL 1 ML             1 DROPPER FULL 1 ML

2ND                               2 DROPPER FULL 2 ML              2 DROPPER FULL 2 ML

3RD                               3 DROPPER FULL 3 ML              3 DROPPER FULL 3 ML

4TH                                4 DROPPER FULL 4 ML              4 DROOPER FULL 4 ML

Next 7 days                   1 TEASPOON                                 1 TEASPOON

ALWAYS TAKE              drop back to 1 dropper full – take every day as a maintenance


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