What strains of bacteria are in the blends?
The following probiotic strains have been used in the fermentation process and are cultured from food—not dairy, faecal matter or bred in a laboratory: Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Delbrueckii, Lactobacillus Caseii, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Lactobacillus Caucasus, Lactobacillus Fermenti, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Brevis, Lactobacillus Helveticus, Lactobacillus Leichmannii, Lactobacillus Lactis, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Saccharomyces Boulardii, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. With no dairy, GMO, colours, flavours, preservatives or fillers.

What makes them ‘more than just a probiotic’?
Over 25 years of research has gone into our range! NuFerm probiotic foods are nutritionally dense wholefoods in combination with prebiotics and probiotics. Oh and we are Certified Organic! No nasties here!

How do you make the probiotic blends?
By feeding organic food to a mother culture of good bacteria (probiotics) the food is then broken down, releasing the vitamins, minerals and amino acids for easier absorption which is essential for good health which in turn aids in body repair at the cellular level. What difference does this make? Because ‘we are not what we eat, we are what we absorb’ it means there is a far greater chance of the goodness getting to where it is needed, and that means getting all that nutrition, amino acids and naturally occurring vitamins to our cells.

What is a superculture?
Our probiotics have been stressed to withstand heat (can survive up to 55ºC), stressed to withstand cold (can survive down to freezing) and stressed to a number of chemicals. This means these probiotics can withstand what others cannot. For example, even after opening they can be kept in a cool dark place. Making them perfect for travelling and easy storage.

Can I include NuFerm probiotic foods in my cooking?
You certainly can, because the probiotic blends have been heat stressed and will survive up to 55ºC degrees. But if you are heating to more than 55ºC it will not be so successful. Best to sprinkle your Probiotic Foods over cooked food.

Do I need to keep the blends and capsules refrigerated?
Nuferm Probiotic Foods blends do not need refrigeration; they only need to be stored in a cool, dark place. The probiotics have been stressed to hot and cold so they will survive where others will not.

Can I mix probiotic foods with anything or will it diminish the nutritional benefits of probiotic foods?
Most things are fine but if you are blending best not mix in commercial/processed orange or lemon juice which may have high levels of ascorbic acid added. Freshly squeezed, 100% juices are ok. We love to add them to our freshly made morning smoothies.

How long will it take to notice the probiotics working?
This is a good question because there is more to Nuferm Probiotic Foods than just the probiotics. Because the probiotics are food based there is a greater chance of these probiotics having additional benefits. They come with their own prebiotics and the nutritional value from the whole food ingredients which have been broken down to be easily absorbed. You may notice in just a few days the benefits from receiving nutrition at this higher level. The benefits are not only from the probiotics, the benefits also come from the combination of pre-released nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are often not taken up in a compromised gut. One container is a great start but if you continue and do a four month program, trials have shown that additional benefits are also noticed. Ask for the free Self-Check Questionnaire to monitor your own personal progress.

What are some of the things I can do to make the absorption of the NuFerm probiotic foods more beneficial?
Have some first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The morning one activates and the evening one assists you in going to bed with good nutrition and probiotics, to assist your body repairing whilst you sleep.

Do the blends have a use by date and how long will they last?
We love being asked this question, because unlike most probiotic supplements, NuFerm probiotics have an extremely long life span. We put two years on the label, but in truth they stay alive and vital for many years. We once tested some old stock and found the bacteria count (probiotics) had virtually the same amount of good bacteria that they had when the product was made seven years prior.

What do the blends taste like?
Everyone has different taste and each blend has its own flavour, but to most the taste is similar to a strong Weetbix. Because you only use such small quantities is it easily hidden in a smoothie or food which means there is very little or no taste at all.

Are all the blends completely gluten free?
All blends have gluten free ingredients and each batch is tested for gluten.

How do I know which one is the best for me?
There are no errors when making a selection. We have made different blends for specific requirements, but that does not mean you cannot use the rest of the range. Start with the one that attracts you the most and have in mind to try another blend at some stage, for each blend offers different ingredients which in turn offers different nutritional values. Many of our customers like to alternate between the blends they love most.

Our trials show they all assist in sugar cravings and many other issues. For starters the 2012 blend is a must then you could try the Organic Woman or the Fructoless. Different foods offer different outcomes but one is not better than another, just different foods. A bit like having a different breakfast to start each day, the Fructoless was made with low fructose for anyone who is fructose intolerant. The Kids is the same formula as the 20/12 blend, it was created so the kids have their own pot on the table. Then we made the Hemp product because of the high value of the ingredients that Hemp offers and after the process the hemp is even more beneficial. The Pet’s blend was made for the family pet but there is no reason why that cannot be used as well and have had many feedbacks from people with arthritis having positive results from the pet food.

Overall, any product broken down this way will offer far better take up of the ingredients, so why not experiment on the differences each label offers. But remember, they are all highly nutritious so always start with very small amounts.

Are the probiotics vegan?
Yes. Our range of probiotics are made with gluten free wholefoods and contain no dairy, genetically modified foods, colours, flavours, preservatives or fillers. They are as nature intended.

What’s the best time to take the probiotics?
We suggest half a teaspoon in the morning to assist in replenishing the good bacteria and half a teaspoon before bed to assist with repair while you sleep. Remember though first time users only start with one-eighth of a teaspoon and then build-up!

Why do I need probiotics?

Every day our gut bacteria could be compromised by pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, fluoride, pollution, stress, antibiotics, EMFs and other environmental factors. If we come in contact with any of those we need to catch up every day with a serving of good clean probiotics, prebiotics and the released vitamins and minerals. Consistency is key!

What do probiotics do?

Probiotics replenish the good bacteria in your gut that is often compromised daily by certain lifestyle/environmental factors. Our gut should have over 500 species and nearly two kilograms of good bacteria. These bacteria are our immunity—of which 80% is in the gut alone and without a full complement of life giving bacteria, we would not survive. Not only do they assist our immune system, but they break down our food to assist in releasing the vitamins and minerals.

Will these probiotics help with weight loss?

Over the years we have done trials on the probiotic blends and weight loss was always a factor in the results. Plus to make it even more interesting we did not ask those on the trial to change their diet. 

How long do I need to take probiotics for?

If you lived a natural life away from the city you may not need to add probiotics to your daily regime but because of lifestyle and environment killing our good bacteria every day then topping up our gut with pre-digested foods and probiotics is a definite advantage.

What happens if I take too many probiotics?

With our products they also come with prebiotics which are foods that are easily absorbed. So if you have a compromised gut (which is virtually everybody) then starting with small amounts is a good idea until your body gets used to nutrition at this level.

As for the probiotic content in the foods it is safe to have very high quantities as long as the probiotics come from a natural source and are alive and vital. Sometimes if our body is not used to receiving nutrition at such a high level it can have a small detox effect on the body if we take too much, too quickly. If this happens you may just experience light gas/bloating etc. If this occurs simply reduce the amount you are consuming and increase slowly over a period of time.

Will the probiotics cause nausea?

No. We have not experienced anyone suffering from nausea from taking our probiotics.

What’s the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

Probiotics are the live bacteria that are found in food. Prebiotics are the fibres that feed the good bacteria (probiotics) to flourish and thrive. In our products the probiotics are dormant in the prebiotics and wake up and become active when you take them and then they multiply and do what they are designed for.

What probiotic do you recommend for my dog?

We recommend Probiotic Foods for Pets blend, as it contains specific wholefood ingredients that have over the years shown to be perfect for pets. This comes from the host of testimonials we get from pet owners who use the product with their animals. Watch the quality of the pets coats and stools once they start on the powder. Many pets refuse to eat their meals until the powder is put on top, which shows they must know the benefits they get from the powder. May assist with arthritis that is a common issue in many pets. It has been noted pets stool/coat quality has improved greatly whilst taking the probiotic for pets.

How much and how often do they need?

Sprinkle on their morning food daily, they will love the taste! First time users start with 1/4 teaspoon and gradually increase to the recommended amount. Small Pet ½level tsp 1-2 g Medium Pet 1 level tsp 2-3 g Large Pet 1 heaped tsp 5-6 g How can I tell if it’s working? Many pet owners notice a better quality stool, the litter tray is less smelly, and the coats of their pets are more shiny. Watch and see the difference in your pet after they start taking the nutritional probiotics.

What animals are they suitable for?

Probiotic Foods are suitable for any living creature! From dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish, farm animals, Tasmanian devils or reptiles. Every living thing needs probiotics to survive—no human or animal can survive without a gut full of healthy probiotics. Most diseases can be related to a compromised gut, therefore it is vital our much-loved family members are receiving nutrition.

Can humans take Probiotic Foods for Pets?

Yes, safe for human consumption!

Is the Hair Mapping a treatment plan for any illness?

No, the Hair Mapping service is not intended as a cure for any condition or illness.

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the study of the environment you live in, the health of your relationships, your water and food quality, your physical, psychological and emotional influences indicating the expression of your genes. In some cases we believe your environment can influence up to 98% of your health issues.

Does that mean that I influence my gene expression?

We believe that genes have varied ways of expression depending on the trigger to “Turn them on or off”. Often by making small changes to your environment this can have an influence on the way genes express themselves for positive physical benefits.

Are the Nutrient charts lists of deficiencies?

No not necessarily, they are more indicators of “top ups” needed of certain elements to support excessive demand due to exercise or stress experienced at that time. The report is more based on the relevancy of the element.

What do the pie charts measure?

The programme does not measure as against a scale it resonates as to the relevancy of the element as compared to the systems support requirements.

What is Resonance?

All matter on earth emits frequency, as sound resonates in your ear, your ear is able to decipher the individual frequencies, or on glass until the glass object fills with so much sound frequency that it cannot contain it and it shatters.

So your Hair bulbs and strand also emit a frequency, this has been digitized, packaged off to Germany , processed , the software has been signed off by two CWB Doctors , digitally packaged and sent back to us to send onto you.

Are the largest segments the most important?

If a pie chart only has 3 pieces and one has 17 it is of the understanding that the 3 pie pieces will be much larger but not more important, it is all relevant to the pie and your consultant will explain the meaning of the bolded pie pieces to you in your complimentary consultation.

What do the Pink Pie Pieces mean?

The pink pie pieces appear in the charts because that indicator is having high (P) Priority for attention, ( example on page 3 or your CWB report), while other (P) indicators need attention too, the Pink Pie Piece indicates a priority score lower than the Green Pie Pieces.

Yes, this Priority needs attention and may respond when the other Priority issues are addressed.

What does an outlined segment mean?

These pieces mean to consider increasing or decreasing according to if the element is a toxin or a nutrient.

Are the foods listed on page 23 allergies?

No, these foods are not physically assessing the food response to foods and are not on the allergen spectrum. Please avoid any known allergen foods if they present as suggested foods on the 90 plan.

Why should I restrict the foods I eat?

To achieve the best results possible it is suggested that the foods on the restricted list be avoided or omitted for at least 90 days, this we believe gives the body to opportunity to reduce inflammatory responses and have a chance to repair.

What if my report says I have Parasites, can you prove that?

The CWB report does not confirm the presence of parasites (although we all do carry them) , only shows the indication that you could be predisposed to parasites and these are the foods and the plan best to help support you towards health.

Why is the plan for 90 days?

We believe 90 days gives your body time enough to respond, to show indicators from making changes in your environment and meal planning.

When will I see a change?

Everyone responds differently to change, depending on the amount of inflammation and changes made on a consistent basis. If you do not see the changes you hoped for please call our office and speak with our friendly staff.  07 554 92 554

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