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There had to be a better, simpler, far more affordable way to alkalize, ionize and purify water. And now there is – the incredible, ‘new-generation’

UltraStream from AlkaWay.

Using our exclusive O-Dobi ionizing beads and the world’s best leading edge filtration media all certified by USA’s highest water filter certification, UltraStream produces the same alkaline ionized antioxidant water as water ionizers 10 times the price.

  • Removes Fluoride, Chlorine Chloramine and Heavy Metals
  • Molecular hydrogen production!
  • Removal rates tested for the life of the filter, not just ‘as new’.
  • Fits to your tap or can be put under the sink with an Under sink kit.
  • Register your 3 year warranty and sign up for a yearly replacement filter reminder.

Please note: if you have bore water (well water) please contact us before your purchase


  • Turn ordinary tap water into an ocean of antioxidants
  • Industry-best, world class filtration. US and EU test body approved
  • Amazing alkalizing, ionizing and hydrogen capability
  • High ORP (antioxidant) potential without the bad taste of high pH
  • Choice of 2 colours – Porcelain White or the Black with our New STAINLESS STEEL SLEEVE!
  • Easily install under the sink
  • 3 year warranty
  • Designed in Australia. Made in California, USAultrastream-warranty-guarantee

The UltraStream. It’s not just a water filter, it’s a complete health system!

There’s a new kid on the block and he’s causing trouble among the establishment. UltraStream by AlkaWay has swept away the complexity, the repairs, the maintenance, and the mystery of the electric water ioniser. It’s also ushered in a whole new understanding of water ionisers.

15 years of experience by the AlkaWay team has gone into the design of the UltraStream. That’s why it’s

The UltraStream is the first ever natural water ioniser proven to infuse massive amounts of beneficial hydrogen gas into your purified drinking water. In fact in normal daily use it’s been tested and shown to give 3 times more hydrogen than an electric water ioniser almost ten times the price! That’s 10,000 times the hydrogen gas in tap water.

It also infuses magnesium into your water – something impossible for an electric system. Magnesium has been shown to be best taken up in water rather than food.

And you can forget about wasted water, diodes, solenoids, plates, titanium, and transformers. The Ultrastream has changed all the rules for the better.

Far more than just an ordinary water filter.

Water Filter

  • Extreme filtration using the best media in the world. US and EU tested and approved media.
  • University tested for the life of the filter
  • US made and patented Spartan catalytic carbon plus KDF (Kinetic Diffusion Fluxion) patented heavy metal media
  • Fluoride reduction up to 70%
  • Filtration last up to 12 months / 3,000 litres

Hydrogen Infuser

  • 10,000 times more hydrogen gas infused than tap or standard filtered water
  • 3 times more hydrogen gas infused than electronic water ionisers up to 10 times more expensive
  • Over 350 scientific studies indicating its beneficial effects over a huge range of health conditions

Water Ioniser / Anti-oxidant producer

  • Supplying ‘on tap’ antioxidant negative ions in every glass
  • Performs equal to electric water ionisers thousands of dollars more
  • Gives consistent negative ORP over life of filter in range of -350mV

Water Alkaliser

  • Adds slow release calcium, magnesium and trace minerals.
  • Gives alkaline pH in the beneficial range of 8 – 10 over the life of the filter*
    *Always depending on input water

ultrastream-undersink-skematicYou can even fit it under the sink

Add the Undersink Kit to your UltraStream for a seamless undersink solution.

The kit comes with a special vented faucet and all the parts required to fit the UltraStream under the sink.

Payment Plans are welcome!

Please contact the office and chat to one our Staff members 07 5549 2554

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