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Sleep series – part 1

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During this series we will be covering why sleep is so important and how interrupted sleep patterns affect our health.

Not being able to sleep is a form of torture…  All aspects of our lives is regulated by the quality or quantity of sleep. Easier said than done though right? It should be the most natural of events, but for some this simple task is unobtainable.

S L E E P   D E P R I V A T I O N:

Night after night with no sleep, irregular sleep patterns and lack of good quality sleep can be serious, not to mention being sleepy and fatigued during the day. This is a recipe for a potential accident as it can impair your judgement, making you much more likely to make mistakes or make bad decisions.

Sleep deprivation can easily affect any of us due to many lifestyle factors from illness, shift work, sleep disorders, medications, stress, anxiety and your young babies/children waking frequently in the night for a feed or comfort.

Kids can also suffer from sleep deprivation usually due to lack of dense nutrition and the body’s inability to feel grounded at  bed time. Over stimulation to close to bed time can also affect the child’s ability to relax into sleep time. Controlling this level of stimulation in conjunction with a dense nutrition probiotic blend can be super beneficial for the little ones (See more here on dense nutrition probiotics)

Your gut microbiome has an immense influence over your immune system, brain function, hormone balance and mood.


W H Y  P R O B I O T I C   H E R B S  S L E E P I N G  F O R M U L A?

Probiotic Foods Sleeping Formula contains specially selected herbs (valerian root powder, motherwort powder, dill seed, thyme leaf & honey) that have been fed to our super culture of probiotics, which break down the herbs for up to 3 weeks. The end result is a nutrient rich product that is easily absorbed by our bodies.

The power of the fermenting bacteria magnifies the healing properties of valerian (valerian root powder is known for it’s ability to calm the central nervous system) and other herbs leaving you to feel calmer and more focused when it comes to bed time allowing your body to relieve you of those stresses and relax into a deep peaceful sleep.

Usage,  Not to be used while pregnant, breast feeding or pre or post-surgery (blood thinning), not to be taken while on antidepressant medication. Not needed for everyday use, use intermittently for best results.
1/2 tsp – 1tsp an hour before bed. Preferably on an empty stomach and with pure water.

C R E A T E  Y O U R S E L F   A   C H E C K L I S T  F O R  A  G O O D  N I G H T S  S L E E P:

  • Don’t eat or drink anything to close to bed time.
  • Give up the social media checks in bed.
  • Unwind and find your zen. Take a bath or practice breathing exercises.
  • Exercise during the day.
  • Get Up on the first alarm – stop hitting snooze.
  • Create a cool, inviting environment in the bedroom – keep the bedroom your sleep sanctuary not your office, tv room or games room.
  • Develop a sleep routine.
  • Power Down the gadgets – switch of the household technology at night like computers, mobiles and WI-FI which are all interference’s and their frequency will affect your sleep quality.
  • Take your Sleepy Herbs – substitute the herbs for your regular probiotic powder before bed and use intermittently when needed.
  • Magnesium + just before bed to relax the body and mind (this is also great for those that get cramps & restless legs at night time)
  • Hog The Bed! Studies show that those that sleep with their pets and children in the bed experience sleep disruption every night.

Everyone deserves the best night sleep so Shop our Probiotic Herbs Sleeping Formula HERE & take advantage of our 25% off discount for a limited time only.

Sleep Sweet,


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