I AM WOMAN series! Taking a look at the nutritional differences through the stages, and ages of womanhood. Women typically need additional support when it comes to our developing bodies and reproductive processes.

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Post Natal Depletion


If you are or seem to be suffering from the notorious ‘baby brain’, feeling exhausted, anxious and/or overwhelmed about life, (no matter the age of your child) this could be due to the accumulative effects of postnatal depletion.

Post natal depletion can happen whether this is your first baby or a subsequent child, as post natal depletion can be an accumulative process:

Treating postnatal depletion
The importance of eating nutrient rich food from the very beginning, pre-conception, throughout pregnancy and on to the postnatal period, focusing on including foods high in protein, iron, essential fatty acids, omegas 3 & 6, including a daily dose of sunny vitamin D, can not be emphasised enough.

Australian GP, Dr Oscar Serrallach, author of Mothermorphosis: Your Revolutionary Guide to  Postnatal Transformation. Dr Serrallach’s framework to treat post natal depletion includes a three-pronged approach:

  • Repletion – Analysis test are completed to asses the current state of health within the gut, liver, brain and hormone levels whilst also helping to provide an indication of the overall nutritional content of the body.
  • Recovery – How do we eat well, sleep well, exercise well? Education plays a big part of the recovery program, making sure new mothers have access to the correct information and support with how to implement these strategies into their new life.
  • Realisation – Honoring the multi faceted role of motherhood, and including counselling and referrals to appropriate support networks.

Our Organic Woman Probiotic is beneficial for repletion for both mum & bub. Made up of foods high in iodine which is known to support the thyroid and hormones.

Probiotics support our immune system, of which 80% is found in the gut. Before we are born we have no bacteria. Your babies life sustaining bacteria comes from you and your milk. By providing this beneficial bacteria from the probiotic foods it will sustain you through motherhood.

A Hair Analysis may also be beneficial to help understand what your body may be lacking and what blockages may be causing you not to absorb the good stuff.

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