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After years of research, Nuferm has secured a world leading process that identifies the primary reason your body is out of balance. Australia’s only registered postal Hair Mapping service.

Standard Package $175

  • frequency proof black envelope
  • fully personalised cell wellbeing report

Practitioner Package $225

  • comprehensive questionnaire
  • frequency proof black envelope
  • fully personalised cell wellbeing report
  • fully personalised action plan from our practitioner
  • 25 minute phone consult with our practitioner


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Hair Mapping is the perfect place to start if you are not to sure where to begin when addressing your wellbeing and health concerns.

Only 8% of our health is historically gene related, 45% is related to diet and emotions and 47% is environmental indicating our environment as the leading cause of poor gene expression. Our German technology scans your own hair to digitize the environment you live in and how it effects your performance through gene expression.

Could any of the following be impacting your health?

-Electromagnetic Frequencies
-Heavy Metals
-Chemical Toxins
-Food Sensitivities
-Nutritional Imbalances
-Hidden Mould
-Intestinal Stressors
-Sleep Imperfections

If there is an interference impacting the body, this can be negatively affecting your body’s ability to absorb the much-needed nutrients from food. Discover your cellular secrets today!
How to enjoy
Once you have purchased your Hair Mapping online, we will send out your Hair Mapping Kit. Simply follow the instructions and return a hair sample in the envelope provided.

2 options available:

Standard Report Package ($175): Mapping service report outlining all factors found in your hair screening.

Practitioner Report Package ($225) Standard hair mapping report + an action plan direct from Nuferm’s Practitioner. This will give you a broader overview of the first report including suggested lifestyle, dietary and supplementation recommendations to help you address your priorities.

From there you have a great guide to get started on your way to optimised wellbeing. Our Hair Mapping service is also a great tool to use in conjunction with your local naturopath or practitioner for a hands on approach.
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Hair Mapping: 9 key optimization indicator overview

Microbiology Resistance

The Hair Mapping Report covers Microbiology Resistance which includes mould spores, fungus, parasites, virus etc in review of your body’s natural defence of these indicators.

Foods + Minerals

The Hair Mapping Report includes a list of suggested Foods to restrict for 90 days and Additives to avoid to allow your body to reduce energy consumption from these foods on your digestive system. A list of suggested foods to increase intake is also included.
Minerals such as copper, manganese, zinc etc. are also indicated.

Antioxidants, Vitamins,
Amino Acids, Fatty Acids

The Hair Mapping report covers indicators Antioxidants such as flavonoids, vitamin E etc; Fatty Acids omegas; Amino Acids such as glutamine, lysine, tyrosine etc; and Vitamins A, B, C, D, E etc.

Environmental + Frequency Interference

The Hair Mapping Report covers indicators Environmental Challenges may include chemical, hydrocarbon, toxic metals, electro sensitivity or radiation exposure. Frequency Interference looks at modern forms of frequencies on the body, such as EMFs and ELFs.

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