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After years of researching and monitoring hair mapping technology, Nuferm has secured a world leading process that identifies the primary reason your body is out of balance.

Only 8% of our health is historically gene related, 47% is environmental and 45% is related to diet and emotions so it’s our environment that is the leading cause of poor gene expression. Our German Based technology uses your own hair bulbs to digitize the environment you live in and how it effects your performance through gene expression.

Could any of the following be impacting on your well being?

  • Electro magnetic Frequencies
  • Heavy Metals
  • Chemical Toxins
  • Radiation
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Nutritional Imbalances
  • Hidden Mould/Fungi
  • Intestinal Stressors
  • Emotions
  • Sleep imperfections

Our hair mapping service is a great start if you are not to sure where to begin when addressing your well being and performance concerns.

Want to learn  more about how our Hair Mapping service works? check out this video!!

Discover your cellular secrets today!

As we all know ‘You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb’ – Don Chisholm.

If there are interference’s impacting the body this can be impacting your bodies ability to absorb the much needed nutrients! 

Ordering your personalised secret hair mapping report is easy!

We are proud to offer Australia’s only epigenetic Postal Hair mapping service! Simply purchase a postal Hair mapping service via our website and we will post you a personalized radiation proof pack including everything you need to get started. Simply complete the questionnaire to give our practitioner the best insight into you and your wellbeing. You then simply pluck 10 hairs (instructions in pack) And place them into our hair sample bio bag provided. Then using (express post) send your hair sample and questionnaire back to us.

What’s included?

Once Processed you will receive 2 reports. 

Report 1: Mapping service report outlining all factors found in your hair screening.

Report 2: An ‘action plan’ Direct from Nuferm’s Practitioner. This will give you a broader overview of the first report including suggested lifestyle, dietary and supplementation recommendations to help you address your priorities. 

From there you have a great guide to get started on your way to optimized well being! Our hair mapping service is also a great tool to use in conjunction with your local naturopath or practitioner for a hands on approach. We do have a few practitioners that  use Nuferm hair analysis in conjunction with their treatment of their clients.

After you have received  both your reports and you have any questions regarding the results these can be emailed through to our practitioner or alternatively consult with your local naturopath with your report for guidance should you require.

Our friendly staff in the office are always there to assist with orders and product questions.

Our hair mapping service is a worthwhile investment and is only $175 in GST.
Optimizing your well being is not as expensive as sickness. In fact well being is Priceless!!