Zinc Colloid Conecentrate 500ml


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Zinc Colloid Concentrate

What is the true significance of this elemental mineral? Is it more than just a number positioned on a chemistry chart? Yes! Zinc is an essential trace element, vital for human function. All the living cells in our body require zinc for a multitude of biochemical and enzymatic reactions.

Signs that you may be in need: Is this you?

Impaired immunity. When the body’s natural defence system is impaired increased susceptibility to infectious agents is more likely.

Impaired wound healing. Ever cut, bruised or grazed yourself and noticed a slower recovery?

Abnormal glucose levels and impaired insulin secretion and complications produced form Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 & 2

Suffer from impaired taste or smell? This is a common deficiency sign in the elderly however those with severe deficiencies are also at risk.

Slowed growth and development. Fragility of bones, childhood retardation, impaired physical and mental development.

Impaired eye sight. Sensitivity to light? Optical diseases?

Recurrent respiratory infections.

Exposures to oxidative stress. Environmental toxic exposures and physiological stress can actually decrease zinc levels, therefore allowing its elemental partner copper to rise, this in turn can create an imbalance in minerals in the body where higher copper levels can cause significant health issues. Studies suggest that too much copper in the system may also corresponds with weight gain. Consider hair analysis testing (https://www.nuferm.com/hair-screening/)

Decreased mood and impaired brain health. Is mental fatigue getting you down, experiencing declining neurological function, behavioural disturbances?

Dry skin? Brittle, white spotted nails? Thinning dry hair? Acne? Stretch marks?

Digestive dysfunction. Chronic diarrhoea, bowel diseases such as IBD, IBS and other gastrointestinal disturbances.

Erectile dysfunction and low sperm count in men.

Individuals who are most at risk of zinc deficiency are children, adolescents, athletes, high consumers of alcohol, pregnant and lactating women, elderly, strict vegetarians and those with gastrointestinal issues that can affect absorption.

So where can we find this key micronutrient?

Plentiful food sources are abundant in meat, liver, eggs and seafood (shellfish & oysters). While zinc is also found in plant sources such as nuts, legumes, whole grains, seeds, miso paste, mushrooms and green beans they also contain a high proportion of a compound acid that actually render the utilisation and absorption of zinc useless. So how else can we ensure you source your daily requirement of zinc?

Welcome…. Zinc Colloidal. So here’s the low down; a desirable state of absorption for minerals is in an acidic state. Naturally the internal environment within the stomach is set to slightly acidic for food breakdown and nutrient utilisation. Therefore, the addition of naturally occurring liquid colloids means more may be readily available to the body for use.

Individual nutritional status varies however general doses to overcome deficiency are defined to 25-50mg per day.

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