A Brush With Nature

Hands-on learning for our kids with NATURE is Fun!

Making your own paint brushes is easy, fun & free! They can be made from a variety of different natural materials, many of which you probably already have in your backyard.

Creating different patterns from natural materials is a great way to get your kids exploring different textures while learning more about their local flora.

What you will need:

  • Sticks/Twigs for the brush handle
  • String/Thread
  • Natural Materials for the brush tip (grass, leaves, petals etc)


  • Collect several sticks, grass, flowers, buds and leaves etc from around your yard or local area for the handle and brush tip
  • Spread what you would like to use as a brush tip evenly around the handle of your choice and attach with thread.
  • Tightly wrap the tread around the handle several times and tie it off firmly, cutting off any excess.

It’s time to CREATE! Use your IMAGINATION & Discover what you can create by getting back to NATURE!

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