Why do we need probiotics?

If we lived in the wild and picked our food fresh from the ground, consumed fresh meat(if you eat meat), drank pure clean water and had a pollution and stress free life, we wouldn’t need to top up our good bacteria every day. But daily we compromise our good bacteria, killing it off with:

  • Chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride.
  • Toxic and processed foods, GMO, pesticides and herbicides
  • Sugar, alcohol and damaged fats.
  • Medications, e.g. antibiotics, birth control and pain relief.
  • Anti-bacterial ingredients in our personal care products.
  • Pollution, stress and cigarettes.

Once our gut becomes compromised we lose the ability to extract the precious nutrients from the food we eat.

Our gut should have over 500 species and nearly 2kg of good bacteria. These bacteria are our immunity – of which 80% is in the gut alone and without a full complement of life giving bacteria, we would not survive. Not only do they assist our immune system, but they break down our food to release the vitamins and minerals.

Our range of Probiotic Foods not only offer good bacteria, but the benefits of the ingredients broken down by the fermentation process ready for your body to absorb.


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