How your gut might be affecting your skin

Have you ever suffered with skin problems? Eczema? Inflammation? Random pimples? Maybe what is affecting you is not actually your skin care routine or the late nights binge watching shows on Netflix during isolation but YOUR GUT!

Gut problems and poor digestion can be the cause of your skin’s trauma and on-going skin conditions. Even when we are strict with our routine, taking our minerals and antioxidants (that help maintain healthy skin) our body may not actually be absorbing and retaining them because of our compromised gut.

There is a big term you may or may not be familiar with called “Gut Microbiome” or in simpler terms our “Gut Bugs” that we are host to. These gut bugs are made up of thousands of bacteria and other micro-organisms who have a big role to play in the performance of our bodies, the way we digest food and the appearance of our skin. If our gut bugs are not being fed, loved and supported they will not be happy and take it out on our skin! They will also aggravate mood swings, weight gain and general wellbeing. Luckily, these guys can easily be looked after and can return to being the good gut bugs they were born to be!

Replenishing our gut to feed our skin!

Firstly, we can feed our gut daily with Probiotics! This is a vital step when restoring our gut microbiome (gut bugs). If you are experiencing skin irritations and inflammation it could be a sign that there is a bacterial imbalance in the gut. Probiotics are good bacteria that are alive and help eliminate the bad guys to restore balance.

Nuferm’s range of Certified Organic Probiotics were started with the founding principle that “we are not what we eat, we are what we absorb” With that in mind, our range was created to not only have the beneficial bacteria to bring you balance, but to also feed your body with nutrient dense absorbable nutrition.

Our probiotic blends are fermented and broken down over 3 weeks into a form that is easy for the body to actually digest, absorb and carry the good bacteria to where it needs to go, THE GUT!

Fuel our bodies with a well balanced diet!

Secondly, we can love our gut bugs by being smart about what we are putting into our bodies. Alcohol, processed food, caffeine and sugar are dangerous if we are consuming too much and not practicing a well balanced diet. Alcohol for example can cause an imbalance of your gut bacteria which can lead to inflammation of your gut. Inflammation plays a big role in your skin wellness!

Move more!

Lastly, regular exercise is known to support our gut balance! Researchers say that just 6 weeks of regular exercise can have a positive impact on your microbiome. Not only does it contribute to good gut balance but increasing blood flow (blood carries oxygen) will nourish skin cells and keep them looking vital!

By taking your probiotics daily, eating a well balanced diet and exercising regularly you gut bugs will be absolutely loving you and your skin will thank you for it. Skin wellness starts on the inside so remember to keep up the good gut routine!

With Love,
The Nuferm Team

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