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How to balance environmental exposures

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The body has systems which are designed to help cleanse itself of accumulated and toxic waste. Certain foods can help to support these systems to ensure that they do not get over burdened. You need a wide variety of foods to help support and maintain the range of underlying cleansing mechanisms to support a healthy balanced body.

Environmental challenges

Our environment has changed A LOT since the industrial revolution. Many influences are accumulated over time and need to be eliminated by the body’s natural processes. However, these processes were not designed to cope with the amount and variety of man-made elements we now have to cope with. Which is why extra support from foods in our diet is required to support the elimination of toxins and chemicals that are the primary cause of most diseases.

Typical cleansing foods like greens, wholefoods, nuts and seeds are beneficial, therefore it is important to get a good selection from a vast variety.

• Beets
• Sweet Potatoes
• Lemon
• Green Leafy Vegetables
• Apple
• Garlic
• Onions
• Nuts and seeds
• Probiotics

Am I exposing myself?

You may be wondering what environmental exposures are affecting your health such as: household items, cleaning agents and even our workplace environment can be a primary cause of many diseases and illnesses. 

What could be my state of exposure?

Our hair is an amazing tool when it comes to getting a glimpse into our health. Our hair works as a bio-marker and carriers a lot of information at a quantum epigenetic level. With this information we can gain a better understanding into factors that are impacting our health. Such as:

  • Environmental factors
  • Parasites
  • Heavy Metals
  • Emotions
  • Food intolerances

Nuferm offers Australias only registered Postal Hair Mapping service to help you discover what may be impacting your health a cellular level – being postal means it doesn’t matter where you are across Australia you can gain this information from the comfort of your own home.

Not only will you gain a detailed report into further categories impacting your health but you can look to see what environmental exposures may be impacting your health.

Learn More about our postal Hair Mapping Service.

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