Repair & Replenish your gut


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This bundle is for anyone that wants some extra help to repair & replenish their gut microbiome

This combo should help you to get your (leaky) gut back in line & flush out any pesky parasites that might be hiding away down there.

X-Pel –  to kill any parasites or any bad bacteria that might be lurking in your gut

Papaya LQ – our Papaya Liquid works as a great digestive enzyme to help flush out anything that the X-pel has killed off in your gut & digestive tract

Fermented L-Glutamine – to help rebuild & support your stomach lining, this product is great for anyone having issues with leaky gut

Hemp+ Probiotic – prebiotic & probiotic to help re-build that good bacteria in your gut




X-pel – at night before bed to flush out any nasty parasite & give yourself a good gut cleanse

Papaya – before the biggest meal of the day ideally – this will help get your digestive enzymes going

L-Glutamine – take this in the morning – you can mix this with your Hemp Probiotic

Hemp+ Probiotic – take this morning & night – start with 1/8 teaspoon & build up gradually



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