Burst into a new you this year, not by making ridiculous resolutions too hard to keep but boosting your intake of nutritious foods! Hemp seeds are simply bursting with nutritional goodness! Adding these little gems to your daily eating regime is something worth considering when you know the health benefits!

Hemp is an excellent source of protein, keeping you fuller for longer!

They are rich in essential fatty acids capable of reducing inflammatory responses in the body, relieving dry skin, balancing hormones, improving digestive health and much more 

Contains high amounts of vitamin E beneficial for cardiovascular health 

Naturally reduces C-reactive protein (CRP) in the body, an inflammatory marker linked with heart disease 

Rich in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential omega 6 fatty acid proven to balance females hormones, easing premenstrual tension, lowering high blood pressure and reducing arthritic symptoms 

Stabilises blood sugar levels and reduces sweet cravings 

Looking for ways to use those beautiful little gems then I’ve got you covered with this satisfying Banana Sushi snack that’s high in nutrients and also vegan, gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and refined sugar free! 

1 medium sized banana

1-2 tbsp raw nut butter

1-2 tbsp hemp seeds 

Peel banana and lay on a chopping board. Spread the nut butter over the top and all over if desired. Sprinkle hemp seeds onto a plate and roll the banana over the top so it is covered. Slice into bite sized pieces and enjoy! Serves 1