Cleanse Bundle


Cleanse Bundle! 

Cleanse and Polish your bowel + Help reduce sugar cravings (candida) whilst replenishing your belly with good bacteria & absorbable nutrition.

2 x Xpel 500ml
1 x Fructo>Less 150g



2 x X-Pel 500ml: X-Pel is a natural beverage containing biological sulphur and organic silica (Hydrated Diatomaceous Earth) and is noted for its natural absorbent and cleansing qualities in a base of oxygenated and energised water.

1 x Fructo>Less 150g: Our certified organic blend of 12 specially selected wholefoods all gluten free and low in fructose, containing essential nutrients, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all broken down by a super culture of probiotics for easy absorption for those with a sensitive gut or sugar cravings.