Getting Nutrients to the Cells

Nuferm’s philosophy is based around the simplicity of being healthy and our core belief statement: “We are not what we eat, we are what we absorb.”

If we can’t absorb the vitamins and nutrients naturally found in food, we will slowly suffer from malnutrition. In our opinion, many diseases are related to the body’s inability to absorb food properly. Over the years we have witnessed many conditions simply go away once the body receives the nutrients it needs to repair itself.

With that being said, we put forward the suggestion that if our body cannot absorb, then it has little chance of getting the nutrients our body requires from the food we eat. To enhance on that, “If nutrients can’t be extracted from foods, then there is little chance of nutrients getting to where they are needed—the cells. Without nutrients getting to the cells, we simply become ill.”

Without nutrients to the cells, disease starts to set in. When the cells become ill, so do we. Now we are in trouble. To save the body from malnutrition, the cells start to save everything it can, and this includes fats, toxins and poisons found chemically laced foods.  We often use this phrase, “Obesity is simply malnutrition.” It has been recorded that there are millions of obese people, of which for many, malnutrition is the cause.

Solve the problem of both malnutrition and obesity just by getting the right bacteria into the gut from fermented or probiotic foods.


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