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Sleep series – part 3

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How interrupted sleep patterns affect our health.

Repair and healing is impossible without a good nights sleep.

D O E S  T H I S  S O U N D  L  I K E  Y O U?

  • You have difficulty thinking, concentrating and forming thoughts.
  • Your short term memory doesn’t feel as good as it used to be.
  • You find it hard to focus and concentrate.
  • You are more forgetful.
  •  Your Head, mind and brain feel ‘foggy’ or in a ‘haze’.

Brain fog can range from in intensity from slight to severe and can change from day to day or moment to moment. Chances are you are super tired and the ‘foggy brain’ has stemmed from sleep deprivation, insomnia or stress.

S L E E P  & B R A I N  F O G: This is then affecting your inability to think straight or remember clearly. Research by Healthline suggests sleep deprivation effects our brain cells ability to communicate with each other which leads to the lapse in mental sharpness and memory.

S T R E  S S  & B R A I N  F O G: If you are stressed out, worrying frequently, overwhelmed or distracted this itself might be the source of your brain fog. This stress and worry lead to the response of the Stress Responsers (The ‘Fight’. ‘Freeze’ or ‘Flight’ reaction) Which impacts the brain and can lead to ‘Brain fog’.

T I P S  T O  H E L P  Y O U  ‘ C L E A R  T H E  F O G ‘

  • Take a cold shower – A cold shock to the system can increase the heart rate and flow of oxygen.
  • Eat Clean! Ignore the cravings and avoid sugary snacks.
  • Drink more quality filtered water – dehydration contributes to fatigue.
  • Get outdoors – Natural light will help boost mood and energy.
  • Exercise – Get the body moving and clear away the brain fuzz.
  • Probiotic Herbs Sleeping Formula – Help your body relive you of those stressors and relax into a deep peaceful sleep.

P R O B I O T I C  H E R B S  S L E E P I N G  F O R M U L A:

Try  a better night’s sleep with Probiotic Foods Sleeping Formula which is made natural ingredients known to promote better sleep patterns.

The power of the fermenting bacteria magnifies the healing properties of valerian (valerian root powder is known for it’s ability to calm the central nervous system) and other herbs leaving you to feel calmer and more focused when it comes to bed time allowing your body to relieve you of those stresses and relax into a deep peaceful sleep.

By identifying the issue and taking some simple steps to calm the mind can have a great effect on calming the stressors and anxiety and help you get the good night sleep so your body can rest and repair.

Everyone deserves the best night sleep so Shop for our Probiotic Herbs Sleeping Formula HERE & take advantage of our 25% off discount for a limited time only.

Sleep Sweet,

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