Here at Nuferm we are all about loving your Gut! With all the nasty bugs lurking around this winter it’s even more important to focus on feeding your tummy with nourishing foods to maintain good health and prevent sickness. Some parts of Australia have been experiencing an unusual wave of unseasonably hot weather perfect for a dose of my favourite gut loving beverage, Kombucha!

A widely popular fermented beverage called the ‘Immortal Health Elixir’ this delightfully fizzy drink is made using tea, sugar and tiny healthy probiotic helpers. These ill fighting gut loving microbes protect your digestive and immune system from nasties, as they work to absorb nutrients and fight disease. As 80% of your immune system is in our gut its vitally important we feed and nourish it with good food and drinks.


– Strong immune builder, assisting with cold/flu prevention

– Ultimate liver detoxifier, assisting with the removal of internal waste products

– Enhances energy levels preventing that unwanted afternoon slump

– Excellent source of ‘Glucaric Acid’ helping to prevent cancer

– Protects the lungs against the inhalation of toxic materials

Kombucha can be purchased through most health food stores, however many cafes and supermarkets are now taking advantage of stocking this gut loving health food. A few tips when buying Kombucha.

– Choose a brand that’s stored in a glass bottle. Light damages probiotics and we want to maintain as much of those good microbes as we can.

– Another reason to choose glass bottles is that those stored in stainless steel or plastic can leech nasty chemicals into the Kombucha.

– Be sure to read the label and choose a cold pressed variety which is the ‘real stuff’ not one that is laddened with artificial colours and flavours.

– Sugar is often highly processed and genetically modified so be sure to check the label for organic sugar

If your feeling adventurous however you can also make your own which is very rewarding not to mention easy and inexpensive.

Cheers to good gut health!

Nutritionally Yours,


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