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Sugar fatigue

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Easter can be a dangerous time! Without knowing it we can come out of the Easter break even more tired and fatigued than before the break. Want to make this Easter the best of all time?

The best way to approach the coming days of freedom is to understand why we often feel more exhausted after a break than before. Yes it is good to have a break but Easter seems to promote a sugar rush by promoting the Easter Bunny and all the sugar that comes with excessive chocolate..

If you are a chocoholic then you had better stop reading, because the truth of how excessive sugar affects your health and energy levels is reviled in this news alert. BUT… if you want to feel so good that nothing can stop you, that life just seems to get better, then take note of the following truths.

The danger that Easter offers is the commercial approach to sell you more sugar disguised as Chocolate Easter Eggs and the rest of the sugar shapes that increase your sugar consumption  more than normal to dangerous levels. With Diabetes, Cancer and a host of serious diseases on the rise in correlation with the increase of sugar use, we have to ask the question.
Is it worth it?

If you are counting the days to your next sleep in? If you feel exhausted and the only thing that will make you feel better is some a sugar treat,  chocolate or a (another) glass of wine? Roll on Easter!

But beware!!!!!

Fatigue ails more people than any other condition especially women. And as much as we know sugar is bad—it is the driver of inflammation, cancer and all chronic diseases put together—and it is SOO accessible and SOOO comforting.

Now ask yourself this…..Is Sugar really worth the taste?
Boxed goods, fresh pastries, fizzy soft drinks and even the ‘so called’ healthy packaged snacks are jam-packed full of sugar… Satisfying initially sure, but can you honestly say you feel ‘energized’ or ‘nourished’  from these bitter-sweet foods sitting in your belly?

Sugar Hangover, its REAL!
If you haven’t been able to give up sugar yet pay close attention to how you feel after eating sugary foods.

Fuzzy or foggy mind
Fatigue or sleepiness
Gas and bloating
Joint pain
Skin Problems
Allergy Symptoms
Emotional/mood swings

To much sugar can be similar to how you might feel after too much alcohol and there is a reason! too much sugar affects your kidneys, liver, stomach and small intestines, which explains some of what is happening in your body.

If you are also aware of the symptoms of Candida then you are aware that they too carry a similarity. Candida inhabits the body with a toxic by-product called acetaldehyde. This toxin is poisonous to your tissues. And guess what Candida loves? Guess what feeds the Candida? SUGAR! 

Sugar is more addictive than Cocaine?
The sweet white demon just keeps drawing you back in for another taste? There are reasons why sugar is hard to quit… one being sugar causes your opioid receptors in your brain to activate, which sets off your neurological system to flare up; meaning despite the negative side effects and excess consumption the sugar tricks your brain into making you feel good emotionally.

It is important to also understand the range of different sugars. Processed sugars are different than the natural sugars you find in fruit and honey as they contain vitamins and minerals. Refined sugars otherwise known as sucrose is highly processed with no real nutritional value.

The Roller coaster effect!
Processed sugars can spike blood sugars in the body super fast and drop them just as quick also. As levels rise a quick increase in energy is experienced however… just as quick this regulates and a ‘sugar crash’ is not too far behind. Your body works hard to compete with this roller coaster effect using enzymes in its small intestine to break down the sugar into glucose. However too much sugar causing excess glucose will be converted to fat, instead of being stored as energy for later on. Not to mention the Sugar headache..

Candida thrives off sugar! Our Fructoless blend contains fermented wholefoods that are low in fructose with pre and probiotics. This blend is a great Candida fighter by helping the body re balance and fight sugar cravings. Shop here:

With Easter just around the corner it is important to still support and care for our mind body and soul during this holiday break.

Here are a few guidelines you can reflect on over the Easter break to help you tackle tiredness and sugar cravings in one go.

Practice moderation
Eliminate guilt around food. This can trigger and cause an unhealthy relationship with your body. Listen to your body and how you truely feel.

Eat 3 meals a day
NO snacks. Have some good quality fat and protein with meals like avocado, EVOO, nuts and seeds, grass fed meats, wild caught fish (canned is OK) and eggs to keep your blood sugar stable. Increase your fasting window by eating satisfying meals and extending the time between meals to 4 plus hours during the day, and overnight 12-14 hours.

Take a magnesium supplement
B complex, or do a hair analysis or routine blood test to reveal any signs of deficiency like iron or  vitamin B12 so you know what to supplement.

Reduce cravings and support digestion
With wholefood Probiotic Foods that contains absorbable vitamins and minerals and prebiotics in a natural food package, certified organic. Beneficial bacteria help break down food to release energy as well as produce vitamins and support the immune system.

Boost your energy with exercise
As research suggests. Move your body with an activity you love, and even if you don’t feel like it, take a short walk, bounce on a mini tramp or dance in your living room. Then decide if you still want something sweet; chances are the cravings have gone.

Turn off
Wifi, banish Netflix, phones and computers and just have a digital detox for a day. Play some board games, read a book and have a couple of early nights.



Happy Easter!

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