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Would my child benefit from a probiotic?

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Nothing can survive without its bacteria (probiotics) no animal, no plant, no human and especially a newborn baby. A new born baby should get its bacteria in the birth canal on the day it is born. This initial uptake of bacteria does have major implications to whether the child is going to be healthy or more prone to illnesses.

For example, 80% of a child’s immune system is in the gut and with compromised gut bacteria one automatically has an immune deficiency.

So the question is …
Would my child benefit from a probiotic? and the answer is ABSOLUTELY! 

Probiotic’s are often referred to as good bacteria

Probiotics are live essential bacteria needed to maintain a healthy, functioning digestive system. Not only do probiotics assist our immune system but they also assist in breaking down our food to release the vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Without these we simply couldn’t exist.

Kids especially need these vitamins, minerals and amino acids to nourish, repair, grow, give them energy and most importantly to build their immune system.

A healthy digestive system should have over 1.5kg of good bacteria however these good bacteria can become compromised from a number of contributing factors such as:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Processed foods
  • Alcohol
  • And especially Antibiotics

Plus a whole bunch of other lifestyle and environmental factors!

What happens if our good bacteria becomes compromised?

Once our good gut bacteria becomes compromised we lose the ability to extract the nutrients from the foods we eat, that is why it is so important for our little ones to have a healthy functioning gut to ensure they are receiving the much needed nutrients from food to grow and thrive!

Parents swear by the power of Probiotic Foods

The Probiotic Foods for Kids was specifically designed from a range of 18 specially selected wholefoods that are fed to our organic mother culture of probiotics that break down these wholefoods over 3 weeks. This means that the end result is a highly nutritious food product that is Certified Organic and easily absorbed into the body. The best bit is they are made without any artificial flavours or colours, dairy, preservatives, sweeteners or GMO’s.

We have many children today that are on our probiotic foods and their parents swear by them! Research has shown that probiotics not only assist with immune support, digestive function, IBS and constipation but they also help to assist in reducing sugar cravings, alleviating skin conditions, assisting allergies and even better-behaved children!

Our range of probiotics can be taken from Newborns up and we recommend just starting with a sprinkle until the child’s body becomes use to getting nutrition at this level on a regular basis. After a short while of taking these probiotics foods you may notice your child start to choose healthier food options! A toxic body is attracted to toxic foods! But when a healthy body get good quality absorbable nutrition from foods it will crave those healthier options.

In the past mothers with babies that continually cry are asked to dip a moist finger in the powder and let the baby suck on the powder. We then often get a call back to say their child has stopped crying. Mothers also tell us that they notice an improvement in the quality of the stool and the babies poo is of a more pleasant odour (if you know what that means).

With Love,

Nuferm Team

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