Healthy Bacteria

Getting a Gut Full of Viable, Active Bacteria

To be healthy, we need to have a good compliment of gut bacteria—probiotics. Without them nothing survives, no plant, no animal and no human. They are the life source of every living thing. They prevent disease, they are our immune system and they assist in getting nutrients to the cells.

Our gut should have over 500 species, nearly two kilograms, of strong healthy bacteria. 80% of our immune system is in the gut alone. Each species plays a specific role and we are yet to learn what the entire 500 species do, but we do know of many conditions that relate to the lacking of even just one single strain.

Every day we kill off our life-saving bacteria with such things as chlorine, pesticides, birth control pills, alcohol, antibiotics, chemicals and preservatives in our food and much more.  The more bacteria we kill, the more likely we are going to have a compromised immune system and worse still, we would lose the ability to break down our food for the life-giving vitamins, minerals and amino acids our body needs.   

Without our food being broken down properly, we will become ill, because if food does not get broken down, the cells cannot absorb the nutrients. Without nutrients our cells get sick and die, we then get sick and develop diseases.

Over the years I have worked with food-based bacteria, as opposed to dairy or lab produced bacteria. These have been identified to be positive in assisting to create a balanced gut. Without a gut full of active viable bacteria, there is no chance of having a healthy gut. Without a healthy gut, there is little chance of a healthy body.

No matter what condition, symptom or illness a person has, it is imperative to first address the gut and ensure it contains the probiotics required.


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