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Keeping The Kids Entertained These School Holidays – Part 1

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Health Games!

These school holidays just so happen to coincide with one of the biggest sporting events to take place in Australia since the Sydney Olympics, GC 2018 aka ‘The Games’.

Making our own ‘Mini Games’, complete with an award ceremony, is an awesome and fun way to keep the kids active and even better yet, occupied for a whole day. Parents and caregivers can be extremely delighted at the thought of having our kids reduce their screen time (..emf exposure) and get outside.

Before we begin planning which sports/activities to include, it is VERY important to start the day off right and feed our little ones and our own bodies with a wholesome breaky with our daily serve of gentle Gut Loving probiotics, and also keeping well hydrated with high quality, filtered drinking water.

Check out our filtered Water Bottles CLICK HERE ! Perfect for having close by, to stay well hydrated before and after our events and reducing up to 99.9% of water impurities.

Choose the location

How about the beach?!! Once you have arrived at your favourite beach location choose a nice spot that has plenty of shade, if possible, and a relatively flat surface for the fun to take place.  (you can also stay at home and do this in the back yard)

Choose the Sports/Activities

FUN FUN FUN!! Sit everyone down and list as many sports and activities as you can think of, get creative and think outside the box – competitions do not have to only be sports, you can have activities like sand castle building, balancing and scavenger hunts. Decide together on #5 or more, of your favourites, and then who will be competing against who for each event, write the competitors and events down on a scorecard or notepad.

Make Warm ups FUN

Warming up with stretching and breathing exercises are an important part of preparing the body before undertaking athletics, with a little bit of imagination these can be just as fun as the big event itself.

I AM a Bumble Bee Sitting comfortably, gently place the tips of your pointer fingers in your ears and close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and then hum quietly as you
slowly breathe out.
Shoulder Roll Breathing Choose a comfortable sitting position. As you take a slow deep breathe in through your nose raise your shoulders up towards your ears. Breathe slowly out through your mouth, lowering your shoulders as you exhale. Repeat slowly, rolling your shoulders up and down in time with your breath.
I AM an Elephant Stand with your feet wide apart and your arms dangling in front of your body like an elephant’s trunk. As you breathe in deeply through your nose, raise your arms up high above your head, slowly swing your arms.
I AM a Mountain Stand with your feet together and arms down by your side. Raise your arms up above your head as you inhale and exhale gently as you bring your palms together. Stand up tall as you inhale through your nose, and gently exhale through your mouth – repeat 3 times.
I AM a Rainbow Stand with your feet together and arms down by your side. Raise your arms up above your head as you inhale and exhale gently as you bring your palms together. Inhale and hold it for a few seconds, releasing your breath as you gently lean to one side, arching as a rainbow. Return to an upright position as you inhale through your nose, and gently exhale through your mouth as you centre. Repeat with the other side.

Now our bodies are ready for some FUN IN THE SUN!!

Let the games begin

5 fun & simple mini games beach activities to try. No matter which activity or sport you choose for your very own mini games, it’s always a great idea to have an elected referee on watch to make sure everyone is safe at all times through out the events.

Our top #5 favourite choices for Beach Time Fun and Games are listed below. Give them a try next time you and the family are at the beach and looking for ways to make it unforgettable.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of ‘Keeping the Kids Entertained during the school holidays’ where we will discuss fun arts & crafts for the award ceremony. 

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