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Keeping The Kids Entertained These School Holidays – Part 2

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Following on from yesterdays article on keeping the kids entertained for these school holidays that just so happen to coincide with one of the biggest sporting events to take place in Australia since the Sydney Olympics, GC 2018 aka ‘The Games’.

Making our own ‘Mini Games’, complete with an award ceremony, is an awesome and fun way to keep the kids active and even better yet, occupied for a whole day. Parents and
caregivers can be extremely delighted at the thought of having our kids reduce their screen time (..emf exposure) and get outside.

In this post we will cover all things ‘Award Ceremony’ with great arts and crafts activities to keep the kids occupied. To read our Part 1 post of Keeping the Kids entertained These school holidays simply jump back to our blog where we covered all things games and competitions.

The Award Ceremony

The award ceremony is a wonderfully memorable way to finish up the events and recognise everybody’s hard work and best efforts.

Winning isn’t always everything and everybody deserves to be awarded and acknowledged for their greatest attributes. With these home made medallions, you can make winning medallions for your Mini Games athletes, make BFF pendants for best and to those you love the most in life. Every body can make an award medallion of their very own out of this great modelling clay recipe. A simple recipe using just a few ingredients from the pantry, a rolling pin and cookie cutters.

Home Made Air Dry Modelling Clay

2 cups of bicarb soda
1 cup of cornflour
1 1/4 cups of water

Measure out the ingredients into a medium-sized saucepan
stirring constantly over medium heat.
2. As the mixture thickens continue to stir over into itself until a ball like consistency is reached.
3. Remove from heat & allow to cool for a few minutes.
4. Wrap the ball in a damp tea towel and allow to sit and cool this way for 15 mins.
5. It’s time to knead and create your shapes. Allow to dry for 1-2 days away from heat.
6. It’s time to decorate.

Natural Home made paint

Turmeric = orange
Mustard = light yellow
Spirulina = dark green
Beet Root = red
Bilberry Fruit = purple
Activated Charcoal = black
Arrowroot = white

You also need some sort of liquid to help your paint spread. Here you have a few options depending upon what you want your paint to do and how long you want it to last.
Water – You can use water to liquefy your paints, will act like any water colour paint would and absorb right into your paper.
Egg Whites – Egg whites are great for making homemade, non-toxic paint because they thicken the paint and it’s easy to spread.
Glycerin – Glycerin, be sure you get “food-grade” glycerin, it can make the paints a bit on the runny side but it is easier to spread, try to use this kind when painting on a flat surface.

Complete with Natural Confetti Sparkles

Natural Confetti made from Leaves, Grass and Petals, you can shower your champions with sparkling funfetti without worrying about the mess you might be leaving behind. Homemade Confetti – that wont harm the environment

2 cups of leaves, petals and grass
1 hole puncher
Punch holes into the collected leaves, petals and grasses then empty into a container. You are now ready to use your all natural funfetti that is environmentally friendly.

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