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Probiotics and pregnancy

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Bacteria are our life force

We are always asked if probiotics are safe during pregnancy and the answer is yes, yes, yes!In fact we recommend it to ensure your gut has a healthy complement of good, active viable bacteria throughout your pregnancy and after.

We believe that a constant intake of a good quality, food based probiotic before conception and during pregnancy gives both mum and bub the best chance at maintaining and benefiting from a full compliment of life giving good bacteria.

During pregnancy the baby has no gut bacteria, it relies totally on mum, trusting she has a full compliment of good bacteria (probiotics)

It is not until birth that the baby is first introduced to their own bacteria as they make their way through the birth canal. However when a baby bypasses the birth canal during a caesarean birth they miss out on this initial bacteria from mum.

The quality of good bacteria that Bubs will receive relies totally on the quality of mums bacteria, this includes your immune system of which 80% is in the gut! That is why we emphasise lots of good probiotics during pregnancy in the lead up to birth and after during breastfeeding!


Baby Nuferm is on the way!

We are super excited that our very own Hannah from Nuferm HQ is expecting later this year! Check out her journey so far!

Our family is growing! Soon to be a family of 5! (Steve and I already have two Golden Retriever Fur Babies at home Poppi & Graham that think they are Human haha)

Many of you have been eager to hear all about how I am going during my pregnancy so far so we thought why not document it and bring a positive story from Nuferm HQ into the inboxes of all of our wonderful customers!

The first few weeks the nausea hit, coming and going in waves and by week 5 I knew my morning schedule involved running to the bathroom multiple times for the not so fun part of pregnancy ‘morning sickness’ (that wasn’t just in the morning might I add).

Whilst not feeling like anything much to eat at the time in these early weeks due to the queasiness, I knew that now, more than ever before it was important that I was fuelling my body and staying consistent with replenishing my gut bacteria daily with Nuferm Probiotics. I quickly adapted to find my routine ensure I was getting my ‘green drink’ each day containing my Organic Woman Probiotic and Organic Green Barley Grass.

By having this beneficial bacteria daily I was assisting my gut to not only replenish the good bacteria but ensure that I was also receiving the dense, absorbable nutrition from the whole foods in the Organic Woman Blend.

By week 12 my morning sickness was beginning to subside and all things were tracking well with the pregnancy, my fiancé Steven and I were just so excited about my growing belly that was beginning to really pop out by this stage! Poppi our 3 year old dog was becoming very attached to my belly by this stage and was wanting extra cuddles with mum and her new baby brother.

Baby Nuferm is still baking away and I am a little over half way through the pregnancy. My belly is growing rounder by the week and our little boy is kicking away all day long behind the desk here at Nuferm HQ!

I am just about to start my Hypnobirthing Course with Hypnobirthing Australia which is all about promoting a positive calm experience.I have heard great things from many friends who have completed this course during their pregnancies and the amazing benefits they received from it. I believe birth should be a positive experience and I can’t wait to share what I learn along the way.

Week 22 and counting, stay tuned…

With Love,
Hannah & Baby Nuferm

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