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Who is protecting you?

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Your body is continually being attacked by outside invaders who have no interest in our wellbeing. They are only there for their own benefit with no regard to the damage they continually place on your health status.

Fortunately we have entire system dedicated to naturally resisting these outside invaders to provide protection to our cells and organs. This system requires a good overall and balanced nutritional intake to support itself and needs the ingredients that quality organic foods have.

Alternatively eating chemical laden foods can damage our defense system that are needed to protect us from the invaders.

On a daily basis our body’s come under attack by micro-organisms that can weaken our ability to defend ourselves. We have natural processes which are designed to enable us to resist these attacks and there are many foods which can support our natural ability to defend against these

What are resistance foods?

By eating a diet rich in certain foods, you can keep your natural resistance in good shape and allow your body to naturally defend itself. Typical foods groups which can support this natural process are, herbs, fruits, vegetables, prebiotics and probiotics. An overall good healthy diet, with moderate exercise will maintain good resistance and support the normal function of your defensive systems.

How do I know if something is impacting my resistance?

Obviously if we are feeling poorly our resistance has been breached, so it is in our best interest to determine who or how the invader is compromising our health.
A good practitioner will have a variety of ways to determine why you became unwell in the first place.

The one we use the most is a hair screening because our hair works as a bio-marker and carriers a lot of information at a quantum epigenetic level that can gain a better understanding into factors impacting our health.

To make it easy, we are proud to offer Australia’s only registered postal hair mapping service. It doesn’t matter where you are across Australia you can gain this information from the comfort of your own home.

Postal Hair Mapping Service

Not only will you gain a detailed report into further categories impacting your health, but you can look to see what resistances may need strengthening.

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Post Viruses
  • Parasites
  • Mould Spores
  • Fungus

Learn more about our postal hair mapping service here

With Love,
Nuferm Team

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