As the warm weather sets in fresh juices are also making a seasonal comeback! During the cooler months our bodies thrive on warming foods and a cold juice in a cold season can actually shock our digestive system and disrupt normal functions such as absorption. Not saying that fresh juices shouldn’t be consumed during winter, it is just better to sip them at room temperature so not to shock your system. Green juices are my ultimate fav!

The colour green is often associated with nature, freshness, energy and relaxation. Makes sense, just looking at a glass of green juice oozes natural freshness, not to mention how you feel when you drink it. Green juices are a nutrient dense way to gain an instantaneous boost of energy, minus that afternoon caffeine hit! Green leaves such as kale, silver beet, and spinach are so rich in chlorophyll; a nutrient dense compound found in leafy green veggies renowned for its blood oxygenating, cleansing and immune enhancing properties. Green juices also assist in supporting a healthy liver, maximising its role in optimal detoxification and digestion.

Juicing is sooo good as it maximises the concentration of nutrients. Juicing allows for the removal of insoluble fibre, making it easier for your digestive tract to absorb the vitamins and minerals and requires the body very little effort to process. Beneficial for those who are experiencing digestive disorders or chronic health issues. When your body needs to recover fresh cold pressed juices are a fabulous way to get your system back on track ramping up the body’s ability to absorb nutrients more readily then whole fruit and veg whilst you are recovering.

My fav cold pressed blend is Silver beet, Cucumber, Celery, Lime, Mint & Apple blended with my daily intake of Nuferm Organic 20/12 probiotic/prebiotic wholefoods.

Bottoms Up!

Nutritionally Yours,