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Don’t let sugar bring you down.

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Bring back the balance this Easter.

If you’re a chocoholic then you had better stop reading here … because the truth of how excessive sugar affects your health and energy levels may scare you too much. If you want to bring back the balance this Easter and stick to your good habits then keep reading!

This Easter may be an anxious time for some given the circumstances households are experiencing. It may be overwhelming and stressful but what we want you to know is … we are all in this together.

Why not bring everything back to what means the most to you this Easter, the health of you and your family.  Create new traditions that you can look back on and that your kids and family will remember as a positive memory in these testing times.

Stick to your good habits.

The danger that Easter presents is the commercial approach to sell you more sugar disguised as chocolate eggs. Perhaps you live by everything in ‘moderation’ and value the importance of  balancing and maintaining your family’s good habits.

To keep things simple this Easter ensure you have your daily sprinkle of probiotics in the morning before you reach for anything naughty. It could be making sure your family has their fresh juice or smoothie in the morning containing alkalising green barleyminerals and/or probiotics to start the day right. See our morning rituals bundle

Perhaps it is ensuring you still balance healthy meal options throughout the day so you don’t crash and burn (the roller coaster sugar effect) in the afternoon.

It’s these simple, daily good habits that ensure your body is getting the sustainable vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs to give you energy, protect you and maintain a strong immune system.

Sugar stress and your immune system.

The sweet white demon that just keeps drawing you back in for another taste. There are reasons why sugar is hard to quit …

  • Sugar causes your opioid receptors in your brain to activate, which sets off your neurological system to flare up. This means despite the negative side effects and excess consumption the sugar tricks your brain into making you feel good emotionally.
  • Too much sugar and the spike in blood sugar levels rapidly rising and crashing puts stress on your body. Your body works hard to compete with this roller coaster affect using enzymes in its small intestine to break down the sugar into glucose. Too much sugar causes excess glucose that will in turn be converted to fat, instead of being stored as energy for later on. This is when you often experience the ‘sugar headache’.
  • Excess sugar consumption over time causes candida. Candida inhabits the body with a toxic by-product called acetaldehyde. This toxin is poisonous to your tissues and in turn throws out your bacterial balance in the gut, leads to inflammation and many other conditions this overgrowth creates.
  • Sugar can suppress your immune system and impair your defence against infectious disease. Sugar upsets the mineral relationships in your body, causes chromium and copper deficiencies and interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium.

Keep up the good bacteria

Beneficial bacteria help break down food to release energy as well as supporting the immune system. We recommend our range of fermented wholefood, certified organic probiotics. Free from any nasties whilst also ensuring you are receiving dense, valuable nutrition at an absorbable level that the body can recognise. The friendly bacteria can assist in controlling the excess candida.

It has been noted that after a few months sugar cravings diminish in particular with our Fructo<Less Blend. Feedback we have received is that sugar cravings seem to almost disappear with this particular blend. We recommend this to all the sweet tooth’s out there!

I considered myself a sweet tooth—chocolate, sweets and bread were some of my weaknesses … I began with the FructoLess blend and it helped reduce my sugar cravings immensely! I couldn’t believe it when I stopped to think back about how much sugar I was consuming and now those cravings are almost non-existent.

We hope that all of our gutsy lovers have an enjoyable Easter break. Make new memories at home, nourish your body, appreciate your health and most importantly look after your wellbeing with positive health choices.

With Love,
The Nuferm Team

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