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Iodine for Whole Body Health & Healing

Miracle Products patented Nascent Iodine is a unique atomic form of iodine, derived from rock crystal that is rapidly absorbed and used by every cell in the body. Iodine for Whole Body Health & Healing Iodine is needed by the entire body to support health and healing…far beyond its critical role in supporting metabolism and […]


3-4 medium roasted cooked beets ▪              1 tablespoon tahini ▪              1 tablespoon olive or flaxseed oil ▪              1 lemon, juiced ▪              3 cloves of garlic ▪              Salt & pepper ▪              Cayenne Pepper Instructions 1              Dice beets and cook at 180 until roasted – once cool, add to your food processor or blender. 2              Add in […]

How can a healthy thyroid be my wing woman on Valentine’s Day?

Three words…. #Libido*     # Hormones *    #Beauty* The combination of this powerful trio coursing through your system at optimum levels, ensures you are truly  ‘down for love’, from the inside, out. I’m sure we can guess why this first one, #Libido, is top of the list with regards to Valentine’s Day… a healthy sex drive […]

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True Love… it’s an ‘inside’ job!!

I have a confession to make ~ I’m not even guilty, not.one.little.bit. My True Loves… Yep, you read that right, LOVES, with an ’S’. I just can’t help myself, I feel so complete When we are together, and although we do spend some time apart, I just can’t live without them. Let me introduce you […]

The Truth About Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT COSMETICS AND PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS.  This book will change the way you look at cosmetics and personal care products. Based on 10 years of research, and including more than 500 scientific references, it puts the truth about cosmetics and personal care products at your fingertips. First […]


With Christmas fast approaching its time to start thinking about gifts for friends and family! I think homemade edible goodies make the best Christmas treats, full of thoughtfulness and creativity. Making your own edible pressies are a super easy and an inexpensive way to give the gift of love this Christmas! And who doesn’t love […]


Nuferm is all about improving gut health and gelatine does just that, restores a damaged gut lining and strengthens an impaired gut barrier. It’s like a homemade chewable vitamin minus the additives and artificial colours. Turmeric gummies are definitely one of my favourite flavours.  More and more new facts are now becoming available about the […]

Have a Fruity Christmas with Fermented Papaya

Here are some of the top nourishment tips to get you through the festivities feeling full, pleased and durable – without the overindulgence! PRIORITIES YOURSELF Just because it’s the silly season, doesn’t mean your everyday habits should now fly out the window. Priorities yourself: start THE day with A warm lemon water with a dash […]

Do You Have A Moody Teenager?

Teenage wellbeing is built on physical, mental and emotional health. Did you know the digestive system plays a big part in hormone growth? An increasing number of hormones in the gut are being researched and understood to affect metabolism and appetite. 

The digestive system: ensuring used hormones are promptly excreted and there is the right balance of good bacteria in your […]


Planning a Tropical Christmas to Bali? BEAT THE BALI BELLY Lots of people catch a bug on their holidays, and the severity of their symptoms can vary from an uncomfortable night to spending days in bed losing fluid at an alarming rate. This is usually due to a change in diet and activities and will quickly […]


    “Hey Ruthi, Just thought I’d give you a run down on the X-pel product that you sent—thank you 🙂 Three days in. All our tummies are very sore. Yesterday Grace had a lot of alive worms coming out but tonight finally have found none. She was very very tired 2 days ago. Zaire […]

Stranger Things in Your Gut

Parasites (an organism which lives in or on another organism and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense) lay their eggs on a full moon, thus beginning their new life cycle. That might be why some of us go a little gaga on a full moon! Many recommendations suggest beginning a parasite treatment on a […]