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5 reasons to choose natural health, by Dr Nyjon Eccles

Natural medicine is hardly a novel concept in Western society. One way or another, the science of extracting and using compounds, chemicals, enzymes and proteins that occur naturally in the body has been popular for decades. Even so, this approach to health and wellness is today one of the fastest growing global industries. In the […]

The importance of maintaining a healthy Gut

Most people have poor gut health due to a variety of lifestyle and environmental factors such as poor diet, toxic exposure, stress and antibiotics. Now more than ever, research is recognising the importance of gut friendly bacteria. Probiotics play an important part in keeping the body healthy. Ongoing  medical studies are now finding that majority […]

Why do we need probiotics?

If we lived in the wild and picked our food fresh from the ground, consumed fresh meat(if you eat meat), drank pure clean water and had a pollution and stress free life, we wouldn’t need to top up our good bacteria every day. But daily we compromise our good bacteria, killing it off with: Chemicals, […]

What are probiotics?

Since the beginning of time Mother Nature provided us with our essential gut bacteria (probiotics) from the natural food we ate. So what really are Probiotics? Often referred to as ‘good bacteria’ probiotics are live bacteria essential for a healthy, functioning digestive system. Throughout history, ancient cultures have been mimicking natures process by fermenting foods […]

Sugar fatigue

Easter can be a dangerous time! Without knowing it we can come out of the Easter break even more tired and fatigued than before the break. Want to make this Easter the best of all time? The best way to approach the coming days of freedom is to understand why we often feel more exhausted […]

Warning: mould damages your health big time

Why is mould bad and what is it doing to me? Moulds produce some of the most toxic substances, called mycotoxins. These chemicals compete with our gut bacteria and encourage the growth of parasites and overgrowth of yeasts like candida. The gut and liver have to work overtime to detoxify and remove them from the […]

Sleep series – part 3

How interrupted sleep patterns affect our health. Repair and healing is impossible without a good nights sleep. D O E S  T H I S  S O U N D  L  I K E  Y O U? You have difficulty thinking, concentrating and forming thoughts. Your short term memory doesn’t feel as good as it […]

Sleep series – part 2

This series covers why sleep is so important and how interrupted sleep patterns affect our health. Your body repairs when you get a good night sleep  but for some this simple task is not as easy as it sounds and can turn into an emotional anxious fight with your brain to simply switch off and […]

Sleep series – part 1

During this series we will be covering why sleep is so important and how interrupted sleep patterns affect our health. Not being able to sleep is a form of torture…  All aspects of our lives is regulated by the quality or quantity of sleep. Easier said than done though right? It should be the most […]

Golden spring gummies

  Turmeric gummies are definitely one of our favourite flavours.   This ancient spice has gained world renowned praise for its natural anti-inflammatory benefits. Additionally turmeric is known as a potent anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial relieves bloating and nausea. It may sound a strange combination to blend turmeric with black pepper, but this can enhance the […]

Green barley pesto!

Have you had your daily dose of green nutrients today? Here at Nuferm HQ there’s never a dull day when it comes to food. You can use this one almost everything! Use as a dip, marinade or even as a pizza base sauce! Experimentation and combinations are inevitable and our barley green powder and Nuferm […]

Green wonder gummies

Have you had your dose of daily greens today? Green powders are an excellent way to increase your daily dose of nutrients. Here at Nuferm we idolise Green Barley Grass Powder not only because it’s one of natures finest blood builder and cleansers but it’s rich enzyme and amino acid content for building a strong […]