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Christmas Specials

Do you love as much as we do curling up on the couch, surrounded by comfy cushions with a glass of something special and getting lost in a great book?!  Shut the world out for a while.  Well if you do we have the offer for you! Purchase 10 Books and get 5 free OR […]

Can Probiotic Foods Cause Constipation or Diarrhoea?

Constipation when first using fermented foods is explained below, it is just another example of how prompt the combination of fermented foods and probiotics are. Even when taken in small amounts. Products such as Organic 20/12 Blend, Organic Woman and Organic Fruto-less, are only foods, but foods they are highly absorbable and some people are […]

ABC Catalyst – What you eat could be making you ill!!

Don Chisholm has been saying this for over a decade now science is starting to appreciate the importance of Gut Bacteria. Well worth watching documentary on the value of Probiotic Foods. Watch the vidoes here ABC Catalyst