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The wellness essentials

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We are often asked… “What are the essentials” when it comes to addressing my health? To make things simple if you are not sure where to start we have listed the essentials below!

Nuferm’s founding principle is that good health can be simple. We offer a wide range of natural, Certified Organic, fermented wholefood products to nourish your body and soul from the inside out, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Probiotics to replenish

Why Probiotics? Because we can’t live without them. Every living thing relies on the good bacteria to stay alive and when they are compromised…we get sick.

Most people have poor gut health due to a variety of these lifestyle and environmental factors mentioned above. Now more than ever, research is recognising the importance of gut friendly bacteria. Probiotics play an important part in keeping the body healthy. Ongoing medical studies are now finding that majority of conditions are the result of compromised gut bacteria.

If you are looking for a product to help maintain your good bacteria we recommend our range of Certified Organic probiotics to assist with not only replenishing the gut with essential good bacteria but to offer a range of absorbable nutrition from pre digested wholefoods so you are receiving their precious cargo of vitamins and minerals.

Meet our range of Probiotics

Green Barley Grass to alkalise

Like everything in life, it’s all about having the right balance, especially when it comes to the pH levels in our body. Our everyday lifestyle, as well as the environment we live in, can alter our pH so it’s important we check our pH levels regularly to make sure we’re in balance. Viruses love an acidic body!
A body that functions in an acidic environment weakens the body’s ability to function at its peak and leads to many common health concerns for people such as inflammation, aching joints, carbohydrate and sugar cravings, not to mention viruses, love an acidic environment.


  • Fatigue—feeling tired even though you are getting enough sleep
  • Constant headaches
  • Bloating and gas—feeling this even though you may not have eaten much
  • Being stressed out—stress levels boost our acidity
  • Brittle nails and hair
  • A diet low in fruit and veg

Learning to bring your body back into alkaline is easy through regular pH testing and the right food/supplementation.

Increasing your alkalinity if you are too acidic will help you bring back balance. Most leafy greens are super alkalising, however you may benefit by adding Green Barley into your daily routine.

Green Barley Grass is the most complete food for humans on the planet and is very alkalising for the body—full of natural state vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. It’s easier for your body to recognise and use nutrients when in the food state. Green Barley is not only super alkalising for the body but it assists in oxygenating blood and cleaning the blood cells in the body.

Shop Green Barley

Mineral Drink for daily support

Minerals are essential for life, without them we could not survive. Every day we lose minerals in our sweat and body functions. Replacing minerals are paramount if you want to become or stay healthy.

Minerals play an important role in the forming and maintaining of bones and teeth as well as supporting the muscle, nervous and energy metabolism just to name a few.

Nuferm Mineral Drink provides daily mineral support by providing essential minerals, trace elements and nutrients in an easily assimilated form. At Nuferm we believe the best source of minerals are derived from a plant based source that the body will recognise.

Due to the increase of refined foods in todays diet the natural vitamins and minerals that we would normally acquire from food are dramatically lessened, therefore we need to support our bodies with these important minerals to function at our best. Without minerals the energy we are supposed to get from food won’t be properly absorbed by the body.

Nuferm Mineral Drink is derived from colloidal minerals sourced from ancient shale beds combined with volcanic cinders and humate. Combined this way the volcanic cinders are chelated by the humic and fulvic acids (Humic and Fulvic acids are the broken down contents of plant matter).  Containing more than 70 essential and trace minerals, amino acids, plant enzymes, chelated minerals and colloidal trace elements.

Having a proper balance of minerals in the body can make all the difference towards achieving optimal health.

Shop Mineral Drink

Our goal is to bridge the gap between unhealthy & healthy

By strengthening the immune system with nutritional support and reducing environmental factors to assist in preventing disease altogether.

If you feel like there is more to your health and you want to gain a clearer insight into discovering the potential source of illness, Nuferm offers Australia’s only postal Hair Mapping Service which identifies the primary reason why you may not be healthy. You can learn more about our Hair Mapping service on our website 

With Love,
Nuferm Team

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